Top 7 Web Development Trends that will be Prevailing in 2020

We have prepared a list of the top seven web development trends that will be prevailing in the year 2020. Click on the Link to learn more about Trends.

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All businesses need to build strong credibility on the internet for gaining a competitive edge. Every year, new web application development trends keep coming up to dominate the world of web development.

At present, there are over 1.5 million active websites on the World Wide Web and out of these 200 million are active. This number continues to grow. Since new website development trends keep emerging in the marketplace over time, the web developers work in environments that are always evolving.

In order to stay ahead in the competition, every business should stay focused on making the most out of the new development trends. This will be achieved best if the web developers keep up with the ongoing trends in their minds whenever they are developing a website.

After considerable research and assessing important factors, we have prepared a list of the top web development trends that will be prevailing in the year 2020.

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web development trends 2020


PWAs are websites that function like native mobile apps while delivering remarkable user experience. With the use of HTML5 and internet evolution, PWAs have gained huge momentum. This technology has acquired the attention of modern web developers and investors considerably

Today, mobile users account for 62% of internet usage and in the year 2020, the total number of smartphone users is expected to reach 2.87 billion. According to industry analysis, many different IT giants are focusing on making the most out of the benefits of PWAs and how they can change the way business is done.

There is a collective increase in the adoption of PWAs. This is because they are not only fast and load instantly but they also allow the users to work offline whilst still performing all the functions carried out by a native app.

Brands must realize that PWAs can be a great way to reach the customer effectively since they have the ability to revolutionize the mobile user experience in the months and years to come. Finding the best web development company will be a great way to get a functional PWA made.


Most of the modern developments by the year 2020 will be majorly influenced by Artificial Intelligence. The finest example of AI is Chatbots. Based on a report by Gartner, almost 85% of customer interaction will be done without humans by the year 2020.

AI is a technology that copies human intelligence while enhancing the thinking ability of functions such as learning, data collection, analysis, multi-tasking automation, etc. This technology will be highly prevalent in the year 2020.

Not only are the chatbots useful for extending customer support requirements but they are also great for offering 24/7 assistance. They engage leads and help build the reputation of a business by keeping the customers first. Over 47% of customers would prefer buying items from a chatbot and this figure is only expected to increase.

Out of the numerous benefits of chatbots, the fundamental one is to extend customer support. Therefore, more and more businesses are expected to incorporate them into their websites in the year 2020.


AMPs are popular because they offer an increase in the speed of page performance while minimizing the risk of getting closed down by a user. Mostly similar to PWAs, the reason why this technology stands out is that the page performance becomes accelerated because of open-source plugins.

WordPress launched the AMP Project aimed at making the process of web development much better for all. The project is to deliver fast, enhanced and high performing web experiences.

Optimized to operate fastly, AMPs have a simple and convenient design with features that can be compared to full scope web products. The reason why many web application development companies will choose working with AMP is that the AMP Plugins help in saving on UX costs with remarkable Internet speed. Even the smaller products made with AMP have the ability to successfully compete with huge market leaders.


The single page applications decrease the loading time for web pages by using the JavaScript for content loading. These applications reduce the waiting time and render web pages in the browser.

Some of the best examples of Single page applications are Google, Gmail, Google Maps, Facebook, GitHub, etc. Since all the significant information gets displayed on a page, there is no hassle of running around pages for searching for information.

In the year 2020, businesses must look for a web application development company that specializes in developing single page applications. This will make businesses gain a great user experience.


The future of web development will majorly rely on voice search. In addition to the major famous virtual assistants such as Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Home, the majority of smart devices will hear the users execute commands given by the voice.

Not just this, the smart devices will also be able to recognize the voices of different people while offering a personalized AI-based experience. Most businesses are contemplating the ways in which they can optimize their physical and digital products for voice search and commands.

Therefore, one of the latest in the top seven web development trends that will be prevailing in 2020 is the voice-activated and optimized devices for the web site and apps. Made with AI, the voice search optimization trend is beneficial for both the business owners and the users.


User experience is enhanced by friendly, simple and intuitive technologies. Motion UI includes elements such as charts, graphics and magnificent headers that bounce around the screen.

In addition to being important for interface design approaches, it is also helpful in driving the entire UI. When used by web developers at the time of web application development, it helps in increasing the computation capabilities of the device while executing complex animations quickly.

Using motion UI is also helpful because it helps in differentiating between a complete design and minimalistic website while leaving behind a highly elegant and useful interface. This highlight is extremely helpful for increasing the conversion rate on the websites.


The list of top web development trends in 2020 will never be complete without including JavaScript frameworks. At the time when the dynamic web application development is mentioned, JavaScript is the immediate choice of web developers.

One of the best things about the JavaScript framework is its reusability. The developers write a function once and reuse it many times while saving time and effort. Since these frameworks help web developers in multiple ways, they are known as one of the best web application development trends.



We will see all of the above-mentioned trends being prevalent in the year 2020. Using them is significant for upgrading the website to a stronger, faster and relevant website. 

Thus, businesses should focus on getting in touch with the best web application development company in India for gaining a competitive edge by making the most of these trends.

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