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  • People across the globe spend above 75 billion on cybersecurity. (FireEye)
  • The expenses related to cybercrime will reach $10.5 trillion by 2025. (CISCO)
  • Human interaction causes results in almost 85% of data breaches. (Verizone)


Cybercrime is consistently on the rise.

As a result, small to large businesses stand on the vulnerable edge due to inefficient cybersecurity.

So, IT cybersecurity solutions are crucial for businesses irrespective of size and industry.


No doubt, the relentless technological advances are flourishing businesses. Companies get enormous exposure to advanced medical instruments, devices, manufacturing equipment, phones, and home appliances based on IoT.


Despite the technical advances, these devices hold much sneaky space for criminals to hack and penetrate data privacy.

In fact, businesses that produce vast amounts of data every day are the most potential targets of hackers.

Nonetheless, cybersecurity is one of the most crucial aspects for every organization around the globe.


The expenses of Cybersecurity solutions vary from the in-built technology and complexity. For instance, an AI-integrated cyber security solution is far more impressive in terms of functions and cost than a regular cyber security system.


Providentially, there are ample cyber-security organizations that are all set to help.


Let’s dig into the top cybersecurity consulting companies in India!


Top Cybersecurity Consulting Companies In India


Orion eSolutions


  • Orion eSolutions is a dazzling star in the cybersecurity space.
  • Orion cybersecurity experts show excellence in navigating advanced technologies. Orion offers a range of cybersecurity services for next-generation enterprises.
  • Orion cybersecurity professionals are aware of companies’ challenges in the digital transformation landscape.
  • Cybercrime protecting services allow companies to maintain their business performance and data security.
  • Orion’s cybersecurity services are suitable for industries like retail, hospitality, finance, education, and healthcare, to name a few.
  • Orion allows companies to transform their business verticals with 24/7 cybersecurity support and maintenance.
  • Orion is a technology-based company. Orion’s cybersecurity systems are a proportioned mix of advanced analytics and threat intelligence.
  • Orion knows that security is crucial for every business in the digital landscape. So, it provides a 360-degree cybersecurity approach towards any cybercrime protection.
  • From detecting the vulnerable points, cyber threat analysis, and application security maintenance to ensuring cloud safety, Orion is the all ears to your requirements.




  • Sattrix is a well-known enterprise cybersecurity service provider streamlining the cybersecurity of countless businesses.
  • It offers a 360-degree approach to enterprise cybersecurity and managed security pivoting around MDR, SOC, TAC, and Threat Hunting Services.
  • Companies can secure their cyber infrastructure with Sattrix cybersecurity strategies.
  • Sattrix cybersecurity services include security monitoring, threat monitoring, vulnerability, patch, and device management services.




  • CYRAACS is a CERT-In impaneled company that holds excellence in providing peerless cybersecurity to companies.
  • It offers unparalleled and robust data privacy and risk management services.
  • Since 2017, CYRAACS has mastered strategies and best practices for cyber security.
  • From small to large, all IT companies can leverage CYRAACS’s remarkable and advanced cybersecurity solutions.


StrongBox IT


  • A cyber-attack takes place every 39 seconds. (StrongBox IT)
  • StrongBox IT helps companies strengthen the security of their IT infrastructure.
  • It provides a range of cybersecurity solutions that go hand in hand with all kinds of IT security requirements of companies, from healthcare to retail.
  • The cybersecurity services StringBox IT offers align with security compliances.
  • Moreover, StrongBox IT cybersecurity services include application security testing, network security testing, IoT security testing, Etc.


AVG India


  • AVG India has been protecting companies from cybercrime for almost twenty years.
  • This cybersecurity company holds an expert team of cybercrime inspecting specialists. They are relentlessly researching the preventive security solutions for all kinds of cybercrimes.
  • AVG India products support Windows, Android, and iOS devices.


Indian Cyber Security Solutions


  • Indian Cyber Security Solutions offers dynamic and all-in-one cybersecurity solutions for IT enterprises.
  • Cybersecurity products from this company shield IT companies against data breaches, network penetration, security breaches, hacking, viruses, and many more.
  • The talented professionals from Indian Cyber Security Solutions ensure to provide allrounder IT security solutions that provide seamless cyber security audit and information security.


IARM Information Security


  • If you require effective cybersecurity solutions for information security, IARM Information Security can help you.
  • IARM offers end-to-end information security services for small to medium businesses, startups, and extensive business organizations.
  • The information hygiene specialists will analyze the company’s information hacking vulnerability first.
  • Secondly, they will design solutions according to the information security requirement of companies.
  • Hence, IARM Information Security is peerless, from vulnerability testing and information penetration testing to cyber safety solution implementation.


Skylark Information Technologies Private Limited


  • Since 1993, Skylark has been guarding companies against fraudulent internet activities.
  • Skylark information technology offers a wide range of IT security solutions. It includes database and application security, application testing, mobile security solutions, anti-virus solutions, Etc.
  • Skylark is also expert in providing customized cloud security solutions.
  • Besides providing IT security solutions, Skylark offers a range of security systems based on blockchain technology.




  • Foresiet is also a reputable cyber security provider, guarding individual, enterprise, and federal government cyber safety.
  • Foresiet is a cyber digital investigator platform that identifies, monitors, and heals hacking threats.
  • It protects websites from data breaches and fake domain monitoring and helps with security assessments.
  • It also protects individuals from account hacking.


Hicube Infosec Pvt. Ltd


  • Hicube Infosec Pvt. Ltd is among the overseeing cyber-security service providers in India.
  • Its headquarters is in Jaipur, Rajasthan. This company is an expert in information security restoration.
  • The company boasts of excellent cyber-crime investigation professionals who have provided information security to companies for years.
  • Hicube Infosec offers services like cybercrime consultancy, system vulnerability evaluation, penetration testing, internet malware scanning and detection, Etc.
  • Moreover, the company also provides customized cybersecurity systems fulfilling clients’ requirements.


Technologics And Controls


  • Technologics And Controls protect companies and individuals from cybercrimes, financial hacking, and data breaches.
  • This company covers everything from vulnerability assessment to penetration testing and business continuity management.
  • Technologics And Controls also align companies to security compliances.





Cyber security solutions are imperative when it comes to protecting your company’s or individual data. In regards to the rising growth of cybercrime, companies should partner with cybersecurity service providers to robust their in-house systems.


To learn more about the effectiveness of cybersecurity services, contact Orion eSolutions.


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