If you wish to create user-friendly web products then you must know about the web development trends in 2019. Check out this amazing blog to know more.

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The web development industry is ever advancing in nature and so, it brings even better web development trends every year. With the 2019 development trends, the chances to create improved web products also arise. Therefore, it is important for technology enthusiasts to be well aware of the future of web development in 2019.

According to experts, this year promises better ideas and great innovations resulting in engaging and robust user experiences. Right from new developments in AI to blockchain technology, the 2019 web development trends have immense potential.

If you wish to create user-friendly web products then you must know about the web development trends in 2019. In order to offer you suitable information and save your valuable time, we analyzed the demands of the IT industry in depth. Also, we assessed the opinion of various experts on web development trends to give you a better insight.

Based on our research, given underneath is a list of web development trends you should know about- 2019:


AI or Artificial Intelligence is without any doubt the future of web development 2019. It is the potential of machines to copy human intelligence and carry out basic functions in a better way. For example; the power to learn, analyze, understand emotions and solve problems.

AI is an important aspect of digital transformation. This is why it ranks at the top in web development trends you should know about-2019. Benefits like multi-task automation and analytics-based problem solving are big reasons to implement AI in your web applications.

Artificial Intelligence allows automating basic tasks while improving the value-driven aspects. This helps in better user experience, design strategy and engaging way of using the technology.

Some examples of AI-based ChatBots like Alexa from Amazon and Cortana from Microsoft have improved business engagement and social productivity. It is believed that AI-enabled technology and communication will transform the web up to 70% by the year-end. This trend will easily be the top web development trends in 2020 as well.

Artificial Intelligence


70% of web traffic is directly from smart devices such as phones and tablets. Therefore, it is important for businesses to use technology to target potential customers on their handheld devices. A good mobile app, an impactful website or creating progressive web applications are the most effective ways to increase the reach.

Although mobile apps offer the best user experience, yet they have a bigger adoption challenge.  On the other hand, mobile websites offer easy access but a typically less effective user experience. To bridge the gap between the two, a progressive web application is a beneficial solution.

Similar to the native applications, a PWA is no difference in functionality. However, it is delivered directly via the web and it loads almost instantly like a mobile app. A PWA consists of a server worker, application shell architecture, and a web app manifest for applications of all functionalities.

 Some of the best advantages why PWAs fall in the web development trends are:

  • They do not take a lot of storage space like native mobile apps.
  • PWAs are efficient and they can be utilized on demand.
  • They can also work offline.
  • PWA’s are great for mobiles and tablets. They function on smart handheld devices without any problems.
  • Once a business has a good PWA built, there is no need to create another native app. This saves the development and maintenance cost immensely.
  • The loading time of a PWA is twice that of a normal app.



As a search engine, Google takes imperative steps to improve the browsing experience on mobiles. This is because; the mobile search statistics outweigh the desktop search statistics tremendously. Most of the total internet traffic is from smart handheld devices.  

AMPs were first introduced by Google in 2015. With the many benefits that accelerated mobile pages offer, they have now become one of web development trends 2019. AMP pages enhance the search visibility, a better SERP ranking, and great SEO results. As SEO best practices are expected to move on to mobile devices, the AMP use will also speed up. 

AMPs were created to empower the creation of websites for seamless loading over mobile devices. The average loading time of AMP pages is 2 seconds. 

As the SEO shifts towards mobile devices, a new and purposefully built HTML open framework is used for building accelerated mobile pages. 

Google has also introduced a website that includes a set of guidelines and engaging tutorials to build AMPs. If you wish to implement the AMP technology for the project, then the Google guidelines are the best, to begin with.



The Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin relies on Blockchain technology completely. Until recently, the web development companies have also become mindful of its potential. With its security, this technology offers a much-improved ability to facilitate multiple transactions instantaneously.

Blockchain is an open and shared ledger useful for its safe design, decentralized database application consensus, and smart contracts. A good start and a transparent management process are important in the present times. So, many web development companies are implementing Blockchain technology in their software products.

Its trusted and advanced computing helps businesses in reducing their financial costs. This technology also lowers the frequency of transaction deal while increasing the cash flow supported by transparent data. Blockchain technology runs on peer to peer networks with a serious agreement for inter-node communication.

Almost all industries have a basic need for transparency to carry out B2B and B2C processes. Blockchain technology helps in doing just that. Companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM are constantly looking out for ways to implement the Blockchain technology in the year 2019.


Voice search technology is another trend that falls in the 2019 web development trends. It has grown at a very fast rate. Although the traditional search still remains very strong, yet the number of people speaking directly to virtual assistants is increasing.

Users can ask a question to make a search with the help of voice search technology. Industries like e-Commerce have benefitted immensely with the help of voice search optimization. Customers find it easy to search for products and make purchases with this technology. It is a much faster and an efficient way as compared to traditional or manual search.

Some examples of voice search assistants are Siri by Apple, Google Assistant by Google, Alexa by Amazon and Cortana by Microsoft. Some ways in which the technology of voice search optimization can help your business are:

  • Google pays serious attention to those websites which are optimized for voice search. If you use voice search optimization then your website will be improved for SEO ranking.
  • The traffic multiplies with the help of voice search optimization. This makes your website more popular, effective and credible.
  • Voice search optimization helps the websites in ranking higher in SERP results. This helps the websites to target the potential audience in a much better way.
  • The voice search optimized websites show up faster in search engines like google. This is because Google gives higher importance to voice search. Better speed results in enhanced output, better user experience, and improved user engagement.

Voice search technology is an advancing trend that cannot be neglected if they wish to gain a competitive edge. In addition to the year 2019, voice search optimization will also rank in the web development trend 2020 without any doubt.



 The menace of cybercrime is great harm to the technology evolution. For this reason, the need for cybersecurity has risen remarkably. Cybersecurity is one of the leading and important web development trends for a long time. A report published by The Cybersecurity Ventures, says that the cost of cybercrime will be almost $6 trillion by 2021.

Cybersecurity is a method to safeguard computer systems against cybercrimes. Some of these cybercrimes are thefts, breaches, service disruption, software, hardware, and electronic damages.

Time and again, web development companies are advised to secure their systems. This is to ensure that any important database, information, and server do not stay vulnerable to cybercriminals. This calls for strong solutions that are capable of battling cyber challenges.

A security model called Zero Trust identifies everyone who tries to connect to a system before granting access. This strategy says no one should be trusted when the question is of Cybersecurity.

This model works on constant analyses of everyone’s behavior in order to prevent any kind of threats. The Zero Trust Security model calculates the risk factors and produces a subsequent risk score. In case the risk score goes beyond the optimal threshold then the user is immediately disconnected. Sometimes, a multi-factor authentication also pops up.



The web development industry has been progressing quickly with the development of frameworks, design and architecture trends. 

All is being done to meet the demands of users, yet some drawbacks continue to remain. Learning about the new trends and frameworks helps to become a credible web development company in 2019.

All in all, the year 2019 is going to be full of amazing web development technologies. A smart web developer must be well aware of the web development trends mentioned above to stand apart. These trends can easily help to make incredible and high-quality web products.


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