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PHP is one of the most highly preferred and commonly used server-side scripting languages that are used by web application developers all around the world. Released in the year 1994, this language is still exceptionally high when it comes to usage. Over 78% of all the websites are built with PHP. What’s more, is the fact this growth does not show any signs of slowing down in the upcoming future.

The quick turn-around time, better security, and affordability make PHP one of the most popular and highly selected options of web application developers. There are multiple reasons that attribute to the growth and dominance of PHP web application development. In this blog, we will look at 10 reasons that make PHP the best choice for web application development. Let’s begin:

  • SIMPLE LANGUAGE: The reason why PHP is used commonly in web application development projects is the fact the language is very easy to learn and code with it. Its organized and clean nature makes the syntax very simple. So much so, that anyone who knows the fundamentals of coding will have no trouble in learning the language. Since the learning curve is pretty short, PHP is beneficial for the new developers as well. The organized and clean code enables the new PHP developers to join the team in the middle of the project without losing track of understanding the project. They can catch up on the project development quickly.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE: PHP is an open-source language. Therefore, there is no need to pay anything for it. Using language helps in maintaining the cost of web development as low as possible. There is no requirement of installing any paid updates with no on-going cost for maintaining PHP. All that is required is hiring a suitable PHP developer from a renowned PHP development company so that the website can be built from scratch.
  • EASY INTEGRATION: PHP is not platform dependent. This means that it is possible to run PHP on Windows, Linux, macOS, Unix, etc. One can run PHP independently or integrate it with other languages without any need for re-development. The web applications built with PHP can be run on any platform or web browser. It supports all kinds of servers including Apache, Microsoft IIS, Netscape, and personal web servers as well.
  • QUICK PROGRAMMING: In comparison to all the other languages, PHP is considered as one of the fastest programming languages with high turn-around time. The applications that are built-in PHP have a significantly faster loading time as compared to other languages. This makes it pretty easy to use web applications built with PHP even over a slow internet connection. Since PHP takes little time in connecting the query to the database, the websites load quickly.
  • EASY EDITING: Not does PHP web application development allow quick coding but it also enables easy editing. At the time of coding in PHP, the developers write lesser code for doing tasks as compared to other languages. Editing the already written code also becomes much easier in PHP. A developer has the ability to write clean code and update it as and when required.
  • STABLE LANGUAGE: As a programming language, PHP has been around for a long time with consistent updates and fixes that make the language stable. With almost every new version of PHP, it becomes even more reliable and safe to use for web application development. After over two decades of being in the market, this language has made it the preferred choice of all experienced software developers. So, this is another reason why PHP is one of the best server-side programming languages.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: The framework of PHP is such that it helps in maintaining the code automatically. It follows the model view controller architecture which makes it much easier to separate files for different modules. Since PHP is simple to maintain, the PHP programmers do not spend much time doing the same and can focus on other important things such as writing code for the website.
  • SECURITY: PHP is one of the most secure languages with underlying and built-in security measures that safeguard it from protection against malware and virus attacks. This makes PHP a great option while creating a secure website. Whenever you hire an experienced PHP developer from a PHP development company for building a website, you can be sure of the fact that you are going for a safe choice.
  • EASY TESTING: Testing is the final stage that ensures that things get perfect. That being said, no one would want the web developer to spend all the time on unit testing. PHP enables easy and quick unit testing which further helps the programmers to write test cases and perform checks. This assists in automating the testing tasks that require additional coding when performed on other frameworks. All the applications built in PHP are simple to test.
  • SUPPORT COMMUNITY: Being an open-source language, PHP has been around for a long time with a large support community of talented developers. An experienced developer in the community may have already tackled a web development issue that a new developer might be facing. The community allows the developers to learn from the mistakes of each other and strive for making their projects a success with collective effort. Additionally, the official website of PHP has many documents that can be used by the new developers with features of PHP. Also, the updates are released consistently that improves the overall web development experience.



All the reasons mentioned above are a clear testament to the fact that PHP is one of the best options for web development. It has more live websites than all other languages combined. Irrespective of whether it is learning, stability, security, flexibility, PHP prevails as a winner over most other server-side programming languages making it the first choice of some of the most talented web application developers.

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