Why AngularJS is  the best choice for Web Application Development?

In this blog, we look at some of the benefits that will help us in understanding why AngularJS is the best choice for web application development?

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Organizations in the present time are focussing on developing applications with cross-platform functionality. This is the main approach when it comes to handling the development projects of any web or mobile applications created for reaching a maximum number of the target audiences. This has also changed the way in which front end development is carried out.

Since multiple platforms exist for web development in today’s time, it can become pretty overwhelming to pick the right platform. AngularJS was introduced in the year 2009 with the fundamental idea of being the next big thing for web application development. Being a robust JavaScript framework, it was designed and developed to make the process of front end development more efficient and simple.

Angular web development makes it simple for the web developers to manage and synchronize the data not just efficiently but automatically as well. Irrespective of whether it is an enterprise application development, a simple web development, responsive web application development, etc., AngularJS dominates when it comes to web development. For this reason, the demand to hire AngularJS developers has consistently been on a rise.

In this blog, we look at some of the benefits that will help us in understanding why AngularJS is the best choice for web application development?


AngularJS is a framework that is developed and maintained by some of the most skilled and hard-working programmers of Google. In addition, AngularJS comes with large community support. This potentially means that there is a huge community of developers to learn from while working with Angular.

A team of highly skilled and passionate engineers is constantly present to assist in the process of web development. What’s more, is that there are ongoing efforts made by the AngularJS developers to enhance IT projects with knowledge and new advancements.


AngularJS utilizes a simple MVC architecture for web development which decreases the page loading time. This is one of the fundamental reasons why developers and companies choose to work with Angular.

Since AngularJS makes sure that swift development takes place by eliminating the need for unnecessary code, it is the first choice for most web development companies in India. AngularJS allows even the app code to be managed by the directives.

Lighter, faster and more functional applications can be created with the help of AngularJS. Since each successful improvement done on the page loading speed offers a substantial increase in the total revenue of businesses, AngularJS is the best for web application development.


AngularJS is capable of performing many operations in a much structured and well-organized manner. A significant reason why it is considered to be the best match for web application development and is embraced by the developers is its amazing ability to present data in a highly appealing manner.

The entire structure of AngularJS is pretty robust and flexible. This makes it one of the best frameworks for implementing third-party packages and libraries. Additionally, it is very common and increasingly observed that whenever there is a need for a framework update, a new instalment or any new introduction of technology, it becomes pretty difficult to deal with the protection of data and security of the applications.

AngularJS comes in this situation and enables the web developers to make sure that strict security concerns are taken along with the maintenance of security expression evaluation. Therefore, taking the decision to hire AngularJS developers ensures secure and scalable web application development.


As a framework, AngularJS enables the creation of numerous modules for a single application. Each module that gets created depends on the other during web application development.

Being one of the best benefits of the Angular framework, this matches up to satisfying the need for an extra module. Therefore, these modules can be combined with other modules while resulting in the successful execution of the application.

This benefit of being an extensible and modular platform is one of the many reasons why AngularJS is preferred by many businesses.


AngularJS for web application development provides a declarative framework that assists in a better understanding of the way in which applications operate before the time when they are executed.

This further allows in the optimization of applications by automatically eliminating any useless codes. Moreover, Angular allows simplification of the code whenever possible.

The MVC architecture does not require any complicated lines of codes for the implementation of the data models. MVC architecture also enhances the code quality while eliminating any complexity and avoiding any separation of concerns to make the web development faultless.


AngularJS does not need any other supplementary frameworks or plugins for functioning. Many parts of the application placed inside AngularJS modules are pretty easy to manipulate.

The modules separation enables to load only the necessary services while effectively performing the automatic testing. Additionally, while following the one file one module principle, there is no need to remember the module loading order.


AngularJS as a framework uses two-way data binding which means that any changes in the user interface directly influence the applications object. In case the framework faces any browser event, module change or user actions on the page, the necessary updating of patterns is done right away.

While that being said, there is also no need to store links to the DOM elements or manipulate them. The result can be simply described with the model state terms and that too without the use of any low-level constructions.


As a JavaScript framework, AngularJS comes with very elegant architecture, allows extensive documentation so that the developers can find the necessary information, provides a large support community while introducing new and regular improvements.

All the benefits that are mentioned above are a clear testament to the fact that Angular is without any doubt one of the best choices for creating interactive applications. Choosing to hire AngularJS developers from a reliable Angular development company in India can help businesses leverage the best advantages of this framework with an end goal to get the best application.

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