Zend framework development services in Toronto


  • Statista’s reports say that PHP is the most popular language contributing to 45.43% of the market.

PHP is ruling the web and computer technology all over the world. However, with the vast array of frameworks available, businesses only choose the best and the most suitable ones.

  • Zend Framework has more than 570 million installations.

Zend framework is popularly used in various countries globally. However, according to Enlyft’s research, the United States being on top, Canada is amongst the top 10 countries using the Zend framework. In this blog, we will discuss the features of the Zend framework and its application development services in Toronto.


Insights into the Zend framework

Zend is a framework that supports PHP. It is an MVC framework. Additionally, it aims for the rapid development of contemporary web applications.


Zend framework, now known as Laminas, is an open-source framework. Leading organizations use this PHP framework to support solutions in industries such as eCommerce, content management, healthcare, and entertainment.


We have brought you some exciting Zend framework statistics. The following are the numbers of components of the Zend framework.

  • One of the components of Zend frameworks, Zend Event Manager, has around 1,381,320 installations every month.
  • Another component, Zend Code, has approximately 76,054 daily installations.
  • Also, Zend Diactoros has a monthly 1,607,362 installations.


Furthermore, 18.35% of business and industry websites use the Zend framework.


Why do businesses popularly use the Zend framework?

While you develop contemporary web applications with the Zend framework, you get the benefit of advanced MVC implementation. Additionally, it avails your application with high-end data encryption. It also supports multi-database and gives you a much more effortless and rapid method of designing and supporting applications.


Apart from these technical benefits, Zend is popularly known for its benefits mentioned below.


Easy integration

Zend framework consists of various libraries. As a result, it offers handy and easy integration. Furthermore, it improves performance with testing components.


Rapid development

Zend framework incorporates features that support rapid application development of a web project. Further, it offers the tools to enhance the maintenance and support of the web application.


Enhanced quality

Zend Framework is best known for its high-grade code. However, its automated controls boost the system’s quality control.


Great documentation capabilities

Zend framework consists of 500 pages of support in six different languages. It, in turn, shows the excellent documentation capacity that it possesses. Moreover, the Zend framework has welcomed colossal community support to enhance its functional capabilities.


Zend framework development services in Toronto

Originally. PHP is a Canadian computer programming language. Therefore, it is easy to find the traces of its service all over the country. We are sharing a few popular Zend framework development services in Toronto with you.


Zend application development

Zend application development service includes end-to-end application development with Zend Framework. It can deal with anything to make your project successful, from simple architecture to complex codes.

  • Orion eSolutions claims to reduce development efforts by 40% using Zend framework development.


Zend integration services

Zend application developers can help you get a scalable and integrated application. Further, as it has decoupled behavior, you can integrate the Zend application with any other thing you wish to! It may also include the integration of external frameworks into your application.


Result-oriented MVC Zend services

The importance of MVC architecture lies in its features-developer friendly, large-scale, easily modifiable applications. Zend applications can give you better and faster results in application development.


Hire Zend developers 

For the efficient and scalable performance of the PHP system, it is always better if you hire expert Zend developers. Therefore, the Zend developers you are hiring should have adequate knowledge of PHP, HTML, MySQL, and HTML.


Orion’s expert Zend developers have expertise in technical skills and professional ethics. We have catered to a number of projects with high-end PHP applications. With an agile approach, we offer round the year support for your project. Orion eSolutions also offers end-to-end migration support. You can visit Orion’s to explore its massive range of services.



The top IT service companies have been part of the industry in Toronto. So if you are looking for an expert Zend development solution in Toronto, connect with us!

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