Gone are the days of rote learning. Gone are the days of cramming up vague concepts. Gone are the days of complicated long form content waiting to be learned by-heart. 2021 is the time for shorts. Short bursts of intelligible information. It is the time for highly focused chunks of data rich, actionable content that adds practicality rather than pressure. Education app development companies like Orion eSolutions has determined that 2021 is the time for micro learning.

But why now? Why is this e learning app development trend growing in 2021? There are 2 obvious reasons. However, words can be disregarded. So first, let us establish a pedestal of credibility with some stats because numbers don’t lie.

  • Markets and Markets has estimated that the micro learning market was at $1.5 Billion in 2019.
  • By 2024 the market is expected to reach $2.7 Billion.
  • The CAGR expected to be exhibited during the forecast period is 2%.

The market looks good. But what is in there for e learning service providers?

  • L&D survey has shown 94% learning and development professionals to prefer micro learning.
  • Micro learning development activities reduce development cost by 50% according to learning architect Ray Jimenez.
  • Jimenez also saw a development speed increase by 300%.

With these numbers in mind, now let us see why 2021 is the best temporal blooming ground for micro learning.



Gen X was surpassed by Millennials in 2015 as the largest generation in workforce. And by 2025, about 75% of the workforce will be dominated by them. This means that the largest, most significant transfer of knowledge is taking place as we speak (or read!).

This also means that knowledge transfer needs to be done to generation whose attention span is compared to that of a fish. The goldfish conundrum may be true. Maybe the flipside argument of too much content dividing attention span and making it look shorter is true. Nevertheless, this generation demands shorter, quicker, crisper, and snackable bursts of information. That was reason one.

Reason two is the inevitable growth of tech. The time is such that any demand that arises within the market can be sufficed. It does not matter if the market wants a car that can fly or learning modules in shorter bursts. Technology has matured enough to address any of these. So, to a company like Orion that keeps up with the e learning app development trends, it seems counter intuitive to disregard the educational demands of a tech savvy generation.

And it is not just the tech and the demand. The scientific pillars supporting micro learning sings a similar tune. A tune of magnificent benefits and jaw dropping e learning app adoption statistics. Let us dive a bit deeper into some of these.



  • Shift Learning has determined that knowledge transfer through micro learning is 17% more efficient. This translates to tangible results among the users leading to better user retention.
  • 94% of the educators prefer micro learning methods. This shows the impeccable advantage micro learning has over traditional mode of teaching and learning. This also shows that the educators got a positive feedback from the students through this method.
  • Through interactive micro learning modules, a staggering 90% retention is possible (according to Shift Learning). This experience has lead over 50% e learning app users to prefer micro learning.
  • According to Micro Numbers, the development cost for a micro learning based module is just half of the traditional module cost. The development speed increases almost 300% due to easier content curation and minimal member requirement.
  • When it comes to enterprise training, Micro Learning statistics have established that gamification can convince 100% of the employees to take up training.
  • Micro learning satisfies the learners through better retention and faster learning opportunities. An LMS engagement survey showed that 58% of the respondents would prefer learning shorter lessons in multiple modules.

The benefits are evident. The shift has already begun. And education app development companies like Orion eSolutions is leading the pack in adopting micro learning and other e learning app development trends. Let us sum this up by understanding how your business can traverse this landscape effectively.



Mobile learning, video content, personalized learning, and AI enhanced education are some other trends taking the e learning sector by storm. It is necessary to keep up with the trends and still have a robust toolkit of development equipment at your disposal. Teaming up with a holistic e learning development service provider such as Orion e-Solutions can help.

We keep abreast of the industry developments. Our team of development gurus is selected through rigorous processes to ensure that our partners get nothing less than the best. To experience hindsight of zero regrets and aggressive development, partner with Orion today.

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