Now we will look at 40 reasons to employ Orion as your managed IT services provider. Let us discuss why it is advisable to hire a managed IT services provider.

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The market is facing the threat of cyber attacks, increased cost of data loss, and unforeseen network downtimes. SMEs and enterprises are looking at adopting managed IT service providers to fight this. From the market size, it is evident that partnering with an MSP (managed service provider) is the right way to go about it. According to Markets and Markets,

  • The managed IT services market will see a CAGR of 8.1%.
  • The market was at $223 Billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $329.1 Billion by 2025.

Talking about the services, an ideal MSP will cover security services, managed network services, managed data centers, IT infrastructures, communication and collaboration, and managed information services.

Banking, Finances, and Insurance verticals are deemed to be benefitted the most. Apart from this, Telecoms, IT, Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Life Science, Education, Energy and Utilities, Media and Entertainment, Transportation, and Hospitality sectors also stand the chance to be benefitted.

Let us discuss why it is advisable to hire a managed IT services provider, regardless of your vertical.


An MSP can lubricate your business by overseeing the smooth functioning within the following areas:

  • Infrastructure management
  • Cloud storage
  • Server maintenance
  • Systems administration
  • Network monitoring
  • Security
  • Authentication
  • Data backup
  • Disaster Recovery

The benefits lie is the approach of an experienced MSP. And this is the greatest driving factor that is contributing to the exponential growth of this sector.

  • Focus

Your IT needs will grow with your business. If the IT team finds it tough to scale up according to the growth of your business, the core focus on the business objective can be compromised. An MSP fills this gap. Managed IT service providers can help you with a flexible model that is rendered dynamic to the level of services and the scalability of your business.

  • Expertise

With better technology comes an array of newer problems. And managing this can leave a huge financial crater in your business. Investopedia estimates $1886 to be the cost of acquiring and training IT specialists during this ongoing IT talent shortage. Through MSPs, you can have the best talents at flat monthly rates or even take a shared approach where you hire only the specialists that you need.

  • Avoid Downtimes

MSPs take a proactive approach. The engineers close all the loopholes through which things could go wrong. Gartner has estimated the average loss to a company due to a downtime may be well over $5600 per minute. With this in mind, one can conclude that simply hiring an MSP pays for itself.

  • Be Dynamic

MSPs allow the dynamism of being able to scale up and down as needed. MSPs can respond to demand in real time, saving a lot of time, resources, and money for your company. MSPs assure proactive monitoring, upgraded releases in requirement, and extreme scalability.

We have now established that the market trends that favor hiring of managed IT service professionals is not a fad, it is the future. We have also discussed the 4 most sought after reasons to employ an MSP. Now we will look at 40 reasons to employ Orion as your managed IT services provider. Why 40? Because we are ten times as good as any other player in the market.


Apart from the 4 reasons mentioned above which are

  • Focus
  • Expertise,
  • Avoiding Downtimes
  • Being Dynamic

The other reasons to hire us are:

  • Lower cost through regulated resource usage
  • Dynamic models
  • Scalable provisions
  • 24X7 support
  • Reliable POC
  • Security compliance and support
  • The best Network Operation center available in the market
  • Shared approach to managed services
  • Strategic relationships with the solution and cloud provider
  • Large number of available consultants
  • Supports multiple time zones
  • Working with legal team to address compliance issues
  • Well defined escalation path
  • Solid backups
  • Disaster recovery provisions
  • Value added services like business consulting, solution enhancing, and data assessment.
  • Offers to start small and build the team as you go along
  • Customizable engagement options
  • Certified global and local professionals
  • Full suite support
  • Cloud based ticketing systems
  • Easy service management
  • Simplified reporting system
  • Dedicated Customer Success Managers
  • Crucial management of your critical resources through command centers.
  • Add on services for specialized skills
  • Expert monitoring and management teams
  • Direct partner support with flexible pricing
  • Global operations through on and off shore resources
  • Centralized support across all subscriptions
  • Lower ownership costs
  • Faster deployments
  • Continuous performance enhancement and growth.
  • Proactive approach to software and hardware analysis
  • Offers the best IT infrastructure options
  • Enhanced security on all the latest technology trends

Client satisfaction is our primary goal. Providing the best managed IT service is our way of reaching that goal. We ensure performance optimization over time and adherence to the standard code of ethics. We will enhance your IT infrastructure using the latest tools and technologies to grace the market. With us, you can be assured of your competitive edge over the other players in the market.

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