Hiring the best app development firm is crucial for the success of your digital presence. The company must be in adherence with the latest tools and trends of development.

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Hiring the best app development firm is crucial for the success of your digital presence. The company must be in adherence with the latest tools and trends of development. They should also understand the core requirements and the brand voice to land upon the perfect design, features, and functionality. In today’s discussion, we will dish out 5 steps through which you can land upon the perfect development partner for your brand. But first, some numbers.

  • The global app development market size was at $154.05 Billion in 2019.
  • The CAGR expected to be exhibited by the market from 2020 to 2027 is 5%.
  • After this growth, the market is expected to reach a value of $366.34 Billion by 2027.

With these numbers evident, it can be conveniently assumed that the market is growing in leaps and bounds as more brands look to extend these services to their digital landscapes.



  • Budget Confirmation

List out all the requirements across all operating systems and platforms. Understand the concept details and project requirements in advance and land on an appropriately estimated budget for your development activities. Make it flexible and crisp.

  • Looking for the Partner

Online directories and service provider websites can provide you with ample amounts of information pertaining to your requirements and what the market has to offer. Align the offers to your company’s needs and land upon the apt partner to do the work.

  • Screen and Vet

Make sure that the number of years f experience is not the only criterion that you are looking for. Look for players in your field of work or service providers with good experience in your particular industry and niche. This vast experience can prove beneficial for your development activities and the solutions being dished out will work in favor for you. Checking the portfolio of the providers that you have shortlisted is step 1 in this process.

  • Contact Them

Evaluate the provider that you are going with and mark them up against their competitors and other similar players in the field. This estimation and comparison can be crucial. This also helps in vetting out the exact set of expertise and technical proficiencies that your needs would demand. Aligning the hire according to this will prove to be the best way forward.

  • Ask for the Package and Hire

Make sure that digital development in terms of technicality is not your only ask. An end to end approach is necessary to provide the best solution. A business analyst, designer, UI/UX experts, and a QA tester are also necessary components of the best solution. After considering all these steps, you can finally hire!


By adhering to these 5 steps, you can be sure that the company or the developer that you have hired can cater comprehensively to the crucial components of app development as needed by your company.

And all this points to intelligent outsourcing. Let us now conclude this discussion by understanding how outsourcing can be the better idea regardless of your brand.



  • Outsourcing is more budget friendly as you eliminate the need to address overhead expenses.
  • Development is considerably faster and in adherence to the latest norms of development.
  • The skill set being assigned to your brand can go over and above the requirements, enabling you to leverage more than what you had bargained for.

And if you have followed the steps and are looking for the right company to hire, look no further. Simply visit www.orionesolutions.com to understand the technical proficiencies we exhibit and how it can help bring that well needed boost to your business o the digital front. Partner with us today!

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