React JS library is appreciated for its ease of use, scalability, and SPA (single page applications). In 2021, the question remains as to what framework to go for.

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“React JS is the most favored open source JavaScript framework.”

That conclusion comes from npm predictions done by Java. According to LogRocket, React has surpassed a 60% market share.

  • According to Stackshare, 8787 of the biggest industry players currently use React JS.
  • Stack Overflow’s report suggests that 68.9% of programmers wish to continue working on React JS (out of 57,378 responders)

It then comes as no surprise that the most popular industry players such as Uber, AirBnB, Amazon, Twitter, Pinterest, Shopify, BBC, and Reddit among others currently use React JS. According to Netflix programmers, it was the startup speed, runtime performance, and modularity of React JS that attracted them.

According to Thinslices, the React JS community shares that the 5 reasons that put React JS in front of others (like Angular JS) are:

  1. Reusability
  2. Simplicity
  3. Performance
  4. Virtual DOM
  5. Components


The list actually goes on. Though Angular JS is preferred for large scale, enterprise level application, the React JS library is appreciated for its ease of use, scalability, and SPA (single page applications). In 2021, the question remains as to what framework to go for. While it completely depends upon business needs and programmers, here are 5 reasons to choose React JS above anything else:


1. The Learning Curve

React is efficient and flexible. Moreover, it is declarative and easier to learn than other JavaScript frameworks. The entire React JS library is dependent upon a single concept which is to free the programmer off limitations. The library offers extreme flexibility to compose unique architectures. React hosts a simpler file tree and the component model is flexible.

2. Rendering

React JS offers ultra fast rendering. Its robust performance stems from using server side rendering for client side JavaScript library. Quick rendering also translates to reduced load time and real time adaptive performance.

3. SEO Friendly

User engagement with apps (both SPA and multi-page) is greatly enhanced through SEO centric development. React JS uses server-side, making it SEO friendly. It is easier for Google to crawl apps that use server-side rendering over client-side rendering. This adds to the company’s competitive advantage.

4. Community Support

While learning a new tech or working on a complicated project, the one thing that programmers look for is a strong community support. A sense of belonging. This is what the 5 million applications publicly admitting to the React JS community offers. On GitHub, React JS community is among the top 5.

5. Flexibility

React JS sports a modular library. Web development tends to transform into bulky environments that are difficult to fix or modify. React JS has an architecture that allows front end code to bundle into components. It offers great flexibility when it comes to dependency organization, routing, testing and much more.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. If the biggest industry players are unwavering in their loyalty to React JS, there must be something right with that framework. If programmers and developers convince surveyors that they will be sticking to the advantages of React JS for a foreseeable future, the platform must be out of the league from other players in the market. Stackshare has determined 10 features of React JS that makes it the strongest contender within front end development frameworks:

  • Server side views
  • Data flow
  • Reactive updates
  • Flux architecture integration
  • Third party integrations
  • Cross platform functionality
  • Rich ecosystem
  • Speed
  • Scalability
  • Strong community

The obvious competition to React JS in Angular JS. Both come with heavy corporate backing (Facebook and Google respectively). But the advantages of React JS lie in its contributors. It has 1285 developers contributing to the library while Angular has 869. What can we conclude from this popularity of React JS?


Popularity is a result of quality. React has its own unique ecosystem of tools and components along with open source libraries. Projects such as Gatsby, Framer X, and React Native add to it. Browsers are now optimizing for React JS due to its popularity. For instance array destruction performance was enhanced by Google Chrome through its V8 engine as soon as React JS announced Hooks.

“State of JavaScript” survey came up with some happy statistics for React JS:

  • 32% of respondents were uniquely interested in React JS.
  • 64.8% expressed content in working with React JS.
  • 33.8% are switching to React JS from whatever framework they were using earlier.

Looking ahead, React JS is here to stay but not stagnate. React is currently working on the concurrent mode. It also aims to enhance its React DOM. For server rendering along with fetching data, React JS is introducing Suspense. React JS is adamant on staying relevant through easy workflows and exceptional websites that add flavor to user experience. Thus for all your REACT JS requirements, Orion is your ideal partner.

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