If you are still second guessing about making Orion eSolutions your machine learning development partner, let us jot down a few more facts for you.

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Superior products, better customer satisfaction, improved control, better project predictability, reduced risks, better flexibility, continuous improvement, and enhanced team morale are some of the benefits of the Agile development framework. The benefits are reflected in the Agile framework market as well. According to Allied Market Research,

  • Agile transformation services market was valued at $15.44 Billion in 2018 and by 2026, it is expected to reach $63.83 Billion.
  • The CAGR from 2019 to 2026 is expected to be 5%.

Accelerated product development capabilities, growth of the IoT sector, and enhanced focus on teamwork and collaboration are the factors driving this growth. BFSI, IT, Telecom, Retail, Media and Entertainment, Government and Public Sector, Manufacturing, and Healthcare verticals are expected to benefit from this market surge.

However, the reason why we employ the Agile framework is not due to its market prominence. We have found certain nuances and technical prowess that lubricates our machine learning development services in favor of our clients. Here, we will list 5 reasons why we follow the Agile framework.


  • Better Project Management

Through multi-layered stakeholder inputs, cyclical testing capacity, and faster prototyping, our project management process is made much more robust and smoother through Agile. Through constant communication and free flow of information, an enhanced management structure is nurtured. Agile methodology makes our projects more transparent to our teams as well as clients.

  • Faster Decisions

Agile definitely plays a role in enhancing our decision making process for machine learning development. Through better interpersonal communication, data insights, and processing of information, our company has experienced a 60% revenue generation increase as compared to companies that do not follow the Agile structure. Agile also helps us meet client demands regarding machine learning development in a more profound fashion.

  • TTT

Talents, Teams, and Technology are greatly optimized through Agile. Machine learning development requires constant communication between our engineers and R&D teams. Agile ensures the synergy. Any ambiguities in the process or miscommunication among the team members are eliminated. This helps us deliver solutions that are at the peak of market standards. Our machine learning development resources are optimally divided and time is managed in a more efficient manner allowing us to produce better products in minimal turnaround times.

  • Data Model Validation

When it comes to validation of hypotheses and testing various ML models, our data scientists acquire more accurate information through Agile. Machine learning projects often deal with mammoth sized data sets and the Agile framework provides the flexibility and scale to deal with it. Our promise of greater business impact for our clients through real time rapid validation stems from this.

  • Enhanced Adoption

With the above mentioned benefits of Agile, our development environment is enhanced to the highest market standards. Our projects are more holistically aligned and Agile provides a robust framework for innovating using ML. The cognitive load is reduced and our clients have transparent data of the progress of the process. This has skyrocketed the adoption of machine learning among companies.

We can conclude that Agile compiles insights and inputs from various domains and creates transparent solutions. Efficient operations through Agile are critical for Orion eSolutions. It sets a pace at which the businesses of our clients should progress and eliminates the traditional challenges of manual processes, legacy systems, and insufficient data. This is why we use Agile; to add to the satisfaction of our clients when it comes to machine learning development. If you are still second guessing about making Orion your machine learning development partner, let us jot down a few more facts for you.


Apart from proper implementation of the Agile framework and, partnering with us can give you the following advantages. Our ML solutions help you have a competitive advantage through:

  • Forecasting of sales
  • Predictive modeling
  • Better decision making abilities
  • Big Data analysis
  • Value prediction
  • Customer segmentation

As mentioned, our machine learning development service takes a holistic approach. We have experience in:

  • ML solutions
  • NLP
  • Predictive analysis
  • Marketing automation
  • Chatbots
  • Data mining

These services are enveloped with the highest standards of processes and management options. We promise:

  • Enhanced requirement analysis
  • 24X7 support and services
  • Solutions tailored for your needs
  • Result driven answers
  • Best-in-class professionals
  • The best security features
  • Scalability
  • Flexible engagement models

We can recommend the best engagement model for you. We allow extensive testing and quality assurance as well as documentation from our clients. This helps us deliver the best solution every time. Your project requirements, objectives, expectations, and KPIs are visualized as a roadmap before we begin. Our design team and developers believe in high quality, incremental goal settings.

Once you go live, it is simply another beginning as we will be providing constant support for you to stay at the top of your game. And by the way, we use Agile.

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