If you are looking for an Ionic app development company that can bring you all the above mentioned benefits and more, look no further.

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Let us talk about the Ionic development framework. It is developer-friendly. It has native compatibility. It is front-end agnostic. It has a developer-centric community. And it is trusted by huge names like IBM, MasterCard, Comcast, NASA, Target, and McDonald’s. Following this, it comes as no surprise that:

  • 86% of all web developers worldwide use Ionic (according to an Ionic survey)
  • 72% of the developers use Ionic to build PWAs (Ionic survey)
  • Ionic has 41,000 stars on GitHub.

What makes Ionic even more iconic are the added benefits provided to the developers. Before getting into the benefits of hiring an Ionic app developer for your business, let us understand why you should choose Ionic in the first place.


  1. Multiple platforms supported on a single code base.
  2. Reduced cost and time for development.
  3. Ionic apps can easily be converted to a PWA or a desktop app.
  4. Multiple integrations and plugin support.
  5. Faster prototyping.
  6. A huge library of UI element choices.
  7. Easier testing on a browser.
  8. Front end agnostic.
  9. An active developer community for resources and pre designed elements.
  10. Availability of cross platform APIs.

It goes without saying that in order to tap into these potential of Ionic, you need a well equipped ionic development team. This is where Orion eSolutions comes in. We understand the nuances of the tech and we marry it with our insights about your business needs.

Through this, you can be confident about the competitive edge you can gain over your competitors when it comes to app development. Now let us understand what an Ionic app development team can do for your business.


  • UI/UX

AN ionic app developer can skyrocket customer engagement with your business through attractive designs. Through user friendly interfaces and a responsive design, the apps developed within the Ionic framework will attract more eyeballs and increase user satisfaction.


Ionic app development teams can further streamline your mobile presence through widgets customized for your business. Developers can make the widgets run across platforms, giving you a stronger presence.


If you are at a cross road for selecting the design of your app, the developers can sculpt and present various templates for you. This means that the aesthetics and responsiveness of your application can be prototyped before getting into the actual coding process.


Ionic app development teams can leverage the stability of your Ionic app and add to the power of your app solution. Plug in development also saves time, cost, and resources. At Orion, we create base codes with offsite and onsite working models and adhere to a strategic implementation model for custom plug ins.


One of the biggest advantages of hiring an Ionic app developer is moving to a framework with long term support. Through advanced tools and deployment security, an Ionic app development team can migrate your services to an Ionic framework for added functionality.

  • QA

QA teams test with real time elements and app code testing to ensure that the initial requirement and the final product have no significant differences.

We can conclude that the use of Ionic framework for app development is a sine qua non of digital presence for any business. If you are looking for an Ionic app development company that can bring you all the above mentioned benefits and more, look no further.


We can help you with desktop, mobile, and cross-platform app development of the highest standards. Or if your requirement relies on body shopping tasks, we do that too. Orion eSolutions adheres to a result-driven solution model. We create robust front-end experience through a user friendly interface. Our magnificent back end technology is married to the front end brilliance to provide you with a custom tailored app for your business needs.

Contact us today. Let us discuss how the Ionic framework can bring that well deserved boost to your business functions.

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