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Our research says that globally, 86% of companies cherish the fast production of software’s with DevOps. Over the years, DevOps has gained a significant position in the global software fraternity.

It is vital to use tools that elevate your business growth for business maintenance and integration. DevOps tools can efficiently maintain and boost your business.

What are DevOps tools and technologies?

DevOps Tools regulates the software evolution approach. It primarily concentrates on the network connection that connects development, management, software evolution, and operations experts. Additionally, this mechanism allows units to robotize many operations, reducing man efforts.

Research by Markets and Markets says that, in 2017, the revenue size of DevOps was USD 2.90 Billion.

By 2023, it is said to reach USD 10.31 Billion, with a CAGR of 24.7%.


5 DevOps tools in 2022

Day by day,  technological advances are letting more companies shift towards DevOps. Google estimates that 70% of the companies implement the DevOps system. The below-mentioned tools seem to be trending in 2022.



Docker is used in containerization. It allows safe management, deployment, and operating of applications. It is at the center of containerization.

DevOps laboriously depends on containerization. It also counts on detailed services for robust applications.



Launched in 2013, Slack is the most typically used DevOps tool. It enables compelling communication. Slack offers an application programming interface. Its API is widely known for its connectivity with other applications, data frames, and frameworks. The main advantage of Slack is assertive communication and collaboration. Though it is an uncomplicated application, it provides a powerful user interface.



Container journal observed a 48% scale up in adopting Kubernetes tools in 2020.

Kubernetes, one of the most favored software, is container-based. Kubernetes can functionalize the deployment process. Additionally, it offers support and elevation of containers in the exhibition.



Chef is one of the open-source frameworks. It utilizes a model with IAC abilities to regulate the architectural composition. Moreover, it supports multiple platforms.


Using Chef, it is easy to achieve pace, range, and consistency. In addition, it accelerates cloud adoption and manages data centers.



Jenkins is an open-source continued integration server. It is beneficial in achieving automation of a complete software project build process.

It avails you with consistent feedback, enabling system strength. Additionally, this feedback system helps in knowing the threat arriving. Therefore, you can easily take preventive action in order to avoid malfunctioning.


Advantages of DevOps

An essential notion in the technological field, DevOps denotes the amalgamation of software development and operations. It, in turn, ensures constant and efficient integration and delivery. The following are some of the significant benefits of DevOps.



DevOps holds the benefits of a comprehensive automated system. One can easily automate repetitive tasks with DevOps. As a result, it will save your time and allow you to focus on other tasks.


Faster system performance

In order to achieve outstanding performance, it is essential to achieve deployment speed. More rapid and periodic updates will satisfy your customers and make you stand out from the competition.


Stable environment

We understand the amount of tension involved in releasing new features and updates. However, it may ruin the stability of your environment. Therefore DevOps is used to stabilize the conditions and improve performance.


Ultimate customer experience

DevOps improves deployment speed, regulates the system, and it is beneficial for many small and large measures. Ultimately, it ensures better performance and achieves customer satisfaction.


DevOps  evaluation and Orion eSolutions

With experience, expertise, and exceptional skills, Orion has served DevOps clients for over a decade. We help your project to lessen the turnaround period by around 60%.


Additionally, DevOps needs 21% lesser development time, and we are keen to achieve it for every project. We offer consulting services, cloud solutions, deployment solutions, testing and automation services, and many more. You will get a comprehensive DevOps solution at Orion eSolutions.



DevOps increases efficiency and improves cross-platform collaboration. The key factors behind DevOps are a greater production span, enhanced communication, reduced costs, and faster deployment. So connect with us soon to let your project be a success with expert DevOps services!

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