A tech stack is a collection of programming languages, software tools, and development frameworks needed to create any software product, such as a website, computer software, a game, or a mobile application.

However, there are a variety of tech stacks available, but we’ll focus on the MERN Stack and its advantages.

  • Sources suggest that Angular JS is preferred by 30% of developers, whereas React JS is favored by 26%.
  • According to the research, 30% of programmers want to study React JS, and 35.9% of developers prefer to produce with it, putting MERN slightly ahead of MEAN in terms of popularity.


What is MERN Stack?

MERN Stack is a Javascript stack that makes it easier and faster to deploy full-stack web projects. The MERN Stack comprises the technologies MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js. Its goal is to make the development process go as smoothly as possible.



It’s a document-oriented database with no schema. The web application’s backend is handled by a database that uses a JSON-based query language. Mongo DB, a No-SQL database, is highly adaptable and easy to use because the documents can be of various sizes, content, and fields.

MongoDB is quicker and perform better than MySQL and PostgreSQL since it does not store alike data in tables or requires field primary keys and entity keys for access.


As required by the Node.js.HTTP module, the requirement to write repeating server code is eliminated with a web framework with a minimalistic structure for Node.js.

Its numerous capabilities and plugins work with the backend web application framework to create quick web apps and APIs.

React JS

The frontend React JavaScript package makes it easy to create HTML-based user interfaces. React is the View layer in the MVC model, with declarative views.

JavaScript, a complete-package programming language, builds repeating DOM elements, and it’s excellent for Single Page Applications.


It’s the JavaScript runtime environment. MERN’s component, based on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine, uses asynchronous language.

With an efficient backend, you get faster web application development and loading times.


Benefits of the MERN Stack

Following a thorough grasp of the MERN stack’s components, we’ll go over the benefits of using the MERN stack in web application development.

No context switching

The complete program is written in JavaScript on both the client and server sides; the web application does not require context switching and provides efficient web apps.


You get highly compatible and robust technologies functioning tangibly together and efficiently managing client and server-side development faster with no context switching since there is no context switching.

Open Source

Because MERN is an open-source technology, it is constantly being improved worldwide. Angular JS, for example, is an open-source framework that improves coding speed and provides a plethora of tools to help you build more complicated apps faster.

Free templates

There are free templates available that can easily save you on time. Customizing a theme would have taken at least three times as long as downloading an off-the-shelf solution. If you run into any problems along the way, you’ll be able to get assistance from specialists.

Easy to use

You can quickly implement the underlying technology because it is so clearly documented. It’s easy to learn and use, making it an excellent alternative for those just starting in web development.


Four frameworks make up the MERN stack. If you hire G2, you won’t employ various professionals for different technologies. Using only one language saves time and money, allowing an organization to keep costs under control.

Community support

This combination of technologies has a strong community behind it, making it easier to obtain answers to any technical concerns that may arise. It reduces the time it takes to design a product, allowing you to distribute it sooner and for less money than you could with other stacks. Because of Node.js’s popularity, many people are already familiar with JavaScript; frontend programmers are familiar with CSS and HTML5.

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