Why Use Laravel 8 for Web Application Development

Here, explore the top 7 reasons why Laravel 8 is ideal for web application development, from robust security to intuitive syntax and vibrant community support.
Laravel 8 for Web Application Development

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With the rapid technological advancements each new day, the demand for web applications in the software industry is gaining continuous traction. Businesses globally rely on scalable, secure, and robust web apps to reach the potential audience efficiently.

All this is driven by increasing platforms for customer convenience, communication, and improved business productivity. In addition, the emergence of several programming languages and frameworks has made development more easy and the expectations of customers much higher.

Of all, the increasing popularity of Laravel 8 for web application development can not be neglected. It is an open-source framework based on PHP that offers a wide range of features, facilitating quick deployment and maintenance of web apps. Be it building eCommerce platforms or ERP systems, Laravel 8 can be the ideal choice to achieve convenience and best productivity.

Now, let us delve into many significant reasons why choose Laravel 8 for your web application development needs.

Top Reasons to Consider Laravel 8 for Web Application Development

The market has varied choices of Laravel development companies, but considering only Laravel 8 has its reasons.

reasons to consider laravel 8 for web application development

Below we will highlight these reasons in detail as to why the framework is gaining huge popularity.

Quick Development & Time Efficiency

In this fast-moving world where businesses are continually setting the bar in terms of digital transformation, efficient web apps play a significant role. Businesses aiming to build a solid online presence while reaching their end customers and providing the best experience must consider Laravel 8. It is the highly preferred choice for its developer-friendly capabilities and appealing syntax. Both contribute to simplified business workflows.

In recent surveys, it is seen that developers leveraging Laravel have experienced 40% quick development speed. This speed reduces the app’s time-to-market and minimizes development costs too.

Extensive Community Support

Laravel 8 framework has a comprehensive community of professionals who are always available to provide required assistance. You get access to a wide range of resources including tutorials, plugins, extensions, documentation, and libraries.

Thus, enhancing Laravel’s capabilities to its best and improving its overall functionality. Businesses counting on the Laravel 8 framework can stay assured their web applications are up-to-date, follow best practices, and ensure security standards are met.

Less Time-Consuming

Undoubtedly, Laravel is quite a faster PHP-based framework than other options and why wouldn’t it be? The framework utilizes MVC-based architecture with several in-built capabilities and features. Moreover, Laravel has better documentation and ensures enhanced performance when compared to other framework options available.

Enhanced Security Features

Every web app must be secure, especially when cyberattacks and data vulnerabilities are at their peak. Fortunately, Laravel security features like protection against SQL injection, XSS attacks, and more ensure the best possible safety of web apps. Also, developers can build secure apps from scratch following advanced security measures to safeguard data and ensure user privacy.

Increased Performance and Scalability

As businesses expand, the need to scale up the web apps to handle increased traffic and evolved feature upgrades is essential. Here, Laravel 8 is equipped with in-built support for database caching and scaling, ensuring the updation of businesses with businesses without any performance disruptions.

Be it small businesses or large enterprises, the Laravel PHP framework offers scalability and convenience to all, helping manage workloads and ensuring the best possible user experiences.

Cost Efficient and Increased ROI

Choosing the Laravel PHP framework for your web development needs can be a strategic move that positively leads to increased ROI and saves long-term expenses. Top companies using Laravel have several reasons which include the framework’s efficiency, reliability, scalability, and security functionalities. All these contribute to the efficient utilization of resources and quick execution of the app development lifecycle.

A Vast Ecosystem and Easy Integration

The simplified integration of Laravel with other tools and platforms makes it easier to craft complex systems leveraging several different technologies. Due to Laravel’s flexibility, it is easy to execute integrations with a wide array of third-party APIs, payment gateways, and cloud services, meeting a wide range of business needs.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, Laravel 8 is not a mere PHP framework. It is a strategic choice for all businesses dedicated to developing secure web applications. Laravel 8 ensures the development of comprehensive solutions aligning with the unique and evolving business requirements. From quick development and deployment to launching of new apps or updating an existing one, Laravel can help do it all.

So, if you are also thinking about how to get started with your web app development, get in touch with a reputable Laravel development company.

At Orion eSolutions, we have a team of specialized Laravel developers for hire who have in-depth knowledge, varied skills, and expertise. You can also hire professionals from us and integrate the seasoned developers within your in-house team to get highly scalable web solutions developed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. In 2024, which version of Laravel should I use?

Answer: The most reliable and long-term functioning version of Laravel is 8. All the latest security measures are updated along with ease of integration making Laravel 8 for web application development ideal.

2. How is the security of my online application ensured by Laravel 8?

Answer: Several security features that Laravel provides enable developers to reduce the risk of threats to the apps, including:

  • Cross-Site Request Forgery
  • SQL Injection
  • Security XSS Protection
  • Packages for Laravel Security
  • Best Authentication System in Laravel

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