.NET Application Development: Myths and Benefits

The world famous and easiest app development framework is non other than .Net. Here at orion eSolutions we use .net development for digital trasnformation.

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.NET is the world-famous and the easiest app development framework which is not only widely used for developing web applications but can run on almost every platform. Dot Net is majorly known for its 5 technical components- .NET framework, Visual Studio, .NET Building Block Services, .NET toolset, Windows Enterprise Servers, and Windows Operating System.

Initially, it was used to build apps that were meant for Windows operating system only. However, later on, with the advancement in technology, it started supporting other platforms too. In this challenging and competing world, if you want to outshine the business industry then, you need to adapt the latest protocols of the technology. For instance, building an enterprise application can give great exposure to your business.

We live in an age, where a single click on an app can complete even our major task of daily and professional life. It’s been quite a while now, people all around the world prefer using apps for almost every task. Hence, Dot Net, in the technical era, has emerged as a boon to the world. The application developed in Dot Net framework offers advanced features and functionalities that can run on any platform

So, if your business or enterprise is planning to have an application, consider and try building it in .NET framework. This technical approach will let you reach more customers and clients. Building an app is considered as the modern way of leaving your rivals behind in the competition.

Top advantages of using .NET Application Development Framework

The advantages of Dot Net are endless! No doubt that the market is full of such applications but .NET has its own list of profits. Anyone, be it a business/enterprise, developer, or customer can reap the benefits of an app developed in .NET.

Some of the benefits of .NET are listed below, so that you can have an idea why it is better!.NET ensures the development of secure applications.

  1. Dot Net ensures the development of secure applications.
  2. It supports code reduction, therefore large applications are easily developed.
  3. It lets you build an application in the desired language and assists you to set partition between the different languages used.
  4. Some of the features which makes it the best app-building framework are- early binding, native optimization, in time compilation, and caching services.
  5. Security, deployment, maintainability, and robustness are some of the key attributes which makes it the most preferred framework.
  6. Dot Net framework also enables integration with third-party systems and possible legal systems.
  7. Includes the use of standardized programming concepts and cross-platform architecture.
  8. All the libraries get stored at one location and app development becomes less complex.
  9. In case, there is some memory loss then, an instant alert and notifications will be issued.
  10. Its ability to mingle with an existing application increases the chances of high reach and flexibility.
  11. User-friendly- event-driven programming is also supported by .NET.
  12. Code execution is assisted by dynamic compilation.
  13. It also supports cross-platform architecture.
  14. Easy creation of dynamic web pages is possible because of ASP and the HTML code synchronization.
  15. It also supports WYSIWYG editor tool, which is integrated with the Visual Studio.

Myths about .NET Application Development

Keeping in mind, the tough competition in the business world, everyone wants to succeed and come out with flying colors. Dot Net app development services are able to cover a wide variety of application domains such as CRM, finance, accounting, websites, education, inventory apps, supply management, etc.

Besides, .NET is widely famous for its advantages and benefits, there are also some misconceptions or myths about this framework. Let’s look out for these misconceptions and have a clear vision.

1. Costly & Unaffordable

Dot Net, if compared with other programming language practices, gives an illusion that it will be expensive to develop applications with .NET, but in reality, it isn’t!

Well, if we try and look at the overall expenses and cost of development, the result is definitely worth the cost involved. The total development cost is pretty affordable and can be afforded by any business venture, be it small or big.

2. Complex & Unreliable

The most prominent myth about Dot Net framework is that the app development in .NET is complex and unreliable, which is not at all true! As we know that .Net is powered by Microsoft and .NET code is an open-source software i.e freely available. Hence, a number of developers are satisfactorily developing for it. And, the advantage of being an open-source software is that anybody can create his own version. Support of .NET community is also great.

3. Hard to develop small websites with .NET

The answer to this question is a clear no! Any website or any application, irrespective of their size can be developed with the help of .NET. Also, it is backed by a highly reliable software corporation i.e. Microsoft hence, it is always possible to develop any small or large scale website with .NET framework, depending upon one’s needs and requirements. If the object-oriented design is in proper place then, there is huge flexibility to develop a website in your own way also.


Dot Net framework was released in the year 2000 by Microsoft InCorporation and since then, it is one of the most reliable, time saving, and efficient application development software in the market. So, in this post, we have covered some benefits of using Dot Net as an application developer. Also, the myths that are prevalent about Dot Net in the tech world have also been busted here.

Now that we know, .NET is an efficient framework for developing an enterprise application and if you make up your mind that you need any website or application for your business then, do check out the exceptional IT services by Orion eSolutions.

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