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The phrase ‘cross-platform app development’ or ‘hybrid app development’ speaks about the approach that enables designers to create apps compatible with various operating systems and forums.

Amongst the popular front-end frameworks, Ionic is a well-known cross-platform framework. Ionic development framework allows businesses to work in a robust foundation for their creative business models because it offers sound, functional web, and mobile applications.

• According to Statista’s reports, in 2019, 28% of developers utilized Ionic to build cross-forum mobile applications.
• 86% of developers go for the Ionic framework to develop mobile applications.


Advantages of the Ionic framework


Ionic enables faster development of an app. As a single code is used for multiple operating systems, it is easier to develop apps across various systems faster. Therefore, It reduces the total time to market. In addition to that, it supports multiple integrations and provides plug-in support.


What are some popular Ionic apps?



MarketWatch is free software. It can be used on Android and iOS operating systems. Basically, MarketWatch was created to help marketwatch.com visitors. It was specifically built up for those willing to remain updated with advanced news updates. Users can get detailed information about various domains. Furthermore, the industries highlighted in the news are finance, shares, and organizational communication. Customers may launch MarketWatch to obtain personalized capital suggestions, corporate news, stock quotations, and other financial data.



Sworkit is an Ionic framework-based app for health enthusiasts. Its formation has one base code, and it performs flawlessly on Android and iOS. Over 25 million people use Sworkit globally. Sworkit provides a variety of workouts with the requirement of minimum or no equipment. There are over 160 films available to assist you with cardio, yoga, stretching, and other exercises. Depending on your preferences, one can even set their training time ranging from 5 minutes to one hour. Without a doubt, it is a finely personalized app. It fits into everyone’s routine.

One can also purchase premium features for more complex exercises. However, the free edition also has a fantastic exercise package deal to offer.



Untappd is yet another app based on Ionic. It is a digital connecting software designed just for beer enthusiasts. They can utilize this app to figure out new and well-known beers across the world. Each screen has five icons that include seeing a profile, activity log, locating acquaintances, finding nearby, and alerts. This software appeals to a large number of users. It also allows users to earn badges and awards for drinking. In a nutshell, it is like a treasure for anyone who enjoys drinking.


StockPlan Connect

According to IT professionals, Ionic is perfect for designing cross-functional mobile applications that support web components. It is regarded as the complex Ionic app developed. It also tries to target Morgan Stanley stock subscription participants. This program may be favored to trade a stock, examine its balance, and enhance its value. It also aids in predicting the time ahead with the use of intelligent estimation.

Additionally, StockPlan connect provides users with a visual representation of critical investing data. This feature allows seasoned and novice users to better comprehend the industry and navigate the data. Surprisingly, more than 110 countries are supported by this app.



The Pacifica app offers people help to users dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression based on their cognitive behavior. Pacifica provides numerous options for dealing with a stressful life and living a healthier life. The software includes:
• Mood and health trackers.
• Positive visualizations.
• Thought analysis
• Other features helping users gradually overcome mental tension.
Pacifica is free, but one should purchase a subscription to access its services.

These are a few well-known Ionic framework-based applications. These apps are cross-platform, which indicates that they were created with a single codebase. And it could be used on both Android and iOS.

Ionic framework enables faster prototyping. Additionally, It offers Ionic templates for speeding the app evolution process.

Orion eSolutions has catered to many esteemed clients and has helped them build the best Ionic apps. With years of experience, Orion has delivered more than 1200 Ionic projects. Thus, for your next project to build a cross-platform app, contact Orion eSolutions for smooth and robust development.

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