Important Use Cases of AI Sales Software

In this article, we will dive into various use cases of AI sales software in various sectors to showcase the outcomes of adoption in action. Must check it now.
Use Cases AI Sales Software

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In today’s era of self-service and convenience, the adoption of AI technology across various segments has increased. Today, many people prefer self-service instead of connecting with customer support representatives to get their queries resolved. Furthermore, the evolving trend of human-like, intelligent, and natural interactions is making the AI sales agent integration significant.

Such software is taking over the traditional IVRs, simplifying the workflows, enhancing customer engagement, and driving sales efficiency. Be it responding to customer queries or gathering information as per the user’s prompt, AI sales software powered by advanced ML and NLP technologies can assess the linguistics and user request’s intent and answer accordingly.

According to research by Verified Market Reports, the market size of AI sales assistant software valued at $121.90 million in the year 2023. It is further projected to reach $200 million by 2030. Such a spike in market value highlights that businesses across various industries need to leverage AI sales assistant software to stay updated in terms of automation and productivity for the upcoming years.

In this write-up, we will dive into various use cases of AI sales software, showcasing the outcomes of adoption in action.

8 Use Cases of AI Sales Software to Boost Business Sales

The use cases of AI sales software in varying business verticals are plentiful. The AI-enabled sales assistant possesses the potential to automate workflows and ensure an increase in productivity and sales.

Let’s explore how such a technology can be helpful when integrated across diverse fields given below. 

Contact Centers

There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a huge shift in customer behavior as most of the population switched to online channels to get their everyday needs met. This ultimately led to the evolving trend of customer engagement. This is where AI sales assistant software eliminates the need to hire more and more agents, taking off the workload of answering similar queries of a huge customer base.

The software can:

  • Automate repetitive tasks for the support team.
  • Handle customer queries in bulk single-handedly.
  • Ensure speed, accuracy, and 24/7 availability that increases the response rates of Call Centers.
  • Boost customer satisfaction and turn them into brand advocates.


AI sales agents are transforming almost every business sector and restaurants are no exception. Integration of such software helps users navigate through the menu efficiently. The need for taking orders or booking tables manually is eliminated. As a result, the customer’s wait time was significantly reduced.

In addition, the AI sales assistants:

  • Improve customer support by responding accurately to common customer queries such as operating hours, availability of cuisines, restaurant policies, and more.
  • Can redirect the customer’s complex issues to human staff, delivering a smooth customer experience.

Such efficiency and automation offered by AI sales agents improve customer satisfaction, enhance productivity, and increase sales.


The adoption of AI assistants in healthcare is still rising and is expected to grow by the year 2029. The primary role of such software is to assist patients in finding aid during emergencies, engage them by providing health tips, and facilitate other essential healthcare services. Furthermore, the AI agents remind patients about their medications, schedules, and appointments, and respond to general health questions, ensuring patient engagement.

AI sales software can gather patient data like preferences, health history, and more and suggest health programs, services, or products based on that data. Besides, these solutions integrated across pharmaceutical companies, healthcare service providers, and medical device manufacturers help optimize sales processes and increase sales efficiency.

Finance and Banking

Managing finances can be cumbersome for various businesses. Here, an AI sales software specializes in managing finances. These virtual assistants leverage ML and NLP algorithms to evaluate customer spending behaviors, assess chances of savings, and provide investment assistance accordingly.

Furthermore, integrating AI sales software with existing banking systems can help provide personalized financial advice tailored to specific circumstances and goals. Thus, empowering the users to make informed decisions related to their finances and also reducing the chances of fraudulent activities.

Retail and eCommerce

Retail and eCommerce are other sectors where AI sales software proves beneficial. Customers can simply interact with the brand via calls regarding various concerns like returns, refund requests, product cancellations, and more. Using an AI assistant enables users to self-serve their queries.

Such automation leads to customer engagement and satisfaction. It further increases sales and revenue for retailers and eCommerce businesses.

Other ways in which AI sales software benefits the business in the online sector involve:

  • It helps remind customers regarding products in carts, new product promotions, information about sales, discounts, and offers, and gather customer feedback.
  • Enables efficient inventory handling by assessing trends and sales data to ensure all the high-in-demand products are in stock.
  • Providing personalized shopping experiences and increasing sales by analyzing customer preferences and purchasing history to provide tailored product suggestions


AI has been impacting the gaming sector in every positive way possible. With AI sales software, the gaming experience delivered is top-notch, making it more natural and realistic.

Equipped with several capabilities like in-built voice recognition, the AI-backed sales assistant receives voice commands from gamers and performs the actions accordingly.

In addition, integration with Virtual Reality headsets can make the experience more immersive.

Human Resources

AI sales assistants assist in various responsibilities such as onboarding, recruitment, and responding to everyday queries, saving HR time doing such repetitive tasks. The HR team can focus on more productive chores like employee retention. Below are a few benefits of integrating AI sales software in the human resources niche:

  • Gather candidate information and schedule interviews
  • Inform candidates regarding the interview process and dates scheduled
  • Automates mundane and time-consuming tasks

Learning and Education

AI assistants can also play the role of personalized tutors in the learning and education niche, tailoring experiences and meeting the needs of individual students. They can answer the questions in real-time, deliver feedback, and adapt various teaching styles depending on the student’s progress requirements.

Building a more inclusive environment is easy with AI virtual assistant software. They can transcribe lectures for deaf students, help with content translation for non-native speakers, and offer voice-controlled interfaces for people with mobility limitations.

Wrapping Up

AI is evolving to the next level, acting as the lead in terms of technological advancements. From retail, banking, and healthcare to IT, telecom, and gaming, the use cases of AI sales are numerous, opening up new opportunities. Considering all this, it is clear that integrating AI sales agents into your business systems to improve marketing and sales is not an exception.

So, if you want to get custom AI sales software developed for your specific business niche, get in touch with us. At Orion eSolutions, our experts provide AI development services to help your business employ AI-backed assistance, simplifying your business processes and achieving success in this competitive era of customer engagement and sales.

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