Why Should You Choose Flutter App Development?

Why Should You Choose Flutter App Development

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It is not exaggerated; its growth is constant. We are, in fact, discussing Flutter.

The situation has altered in the past two years, and developers’ attention has shifted from react Native to flutter. If I tell you that more than 2 million developers use Flutter for mobile development, the data might not come as a surprise. This statistic applies globally.

Because it’s well-liked by developers, this framework became popular right away. The market’s size speaks for its growth trajectory.

According to recent data, as of August 2022, Flutter’s current valuation is 22.14 billion.

Here, we’d like to draw your attention to mobile phone usage. 2.22 million Android apps are currently in use worldwide, out of a total of 3.48 million. Additionally, whereas just 8% of people prefer to use web browsers, over 92% of people utilize mobile phones.

Assuring a flawless mobile app experience is therefore important.

Let’s first understand this tool before talking about why we choose Flutter.


Flutter, a Google product


Google created the UI toolkit Flutter in May 2017. It is renowned for producing stunning, natively generated cross-platform apps from a single codebase. This free tool is open-sourced, which makes it clear that it will gain popularity over time.

Flutter has a wide range of features that make it simpler and faster to create cross-platform mobile applications. The most apparent advantage of cross-platform development is the reduction in effort needed to generate versions of an application for Android and iOS, thanks to using a single codebase and UI engine.

Regardless of how big or small a project is, Flutter can manage it. You may thank its USPs, such as a single code base, application testing, framework maturity and support, third-party support, efficient performance, and many others, for such a flexible tool.


Unique features make it the best choice


You may be wondering why one should stand by Flutter instead of React Native and Xamarin. After we discuss its features, you will be in a better position to judge its potential.




This framework is built using the same Skia technology that underpins Chrome and Android. The effectiveness of the instrument is greatly enhanced. Flutter is regarded as the fastest UI tool on the market as a result. Additionally, it provides various tools that let designers experiment with user interfaces. Additionally, Flutter makes it simple to test and fix issues. This results in a shorter development period.


Code reusability


The code-reusability feature of Flutter enables developers to write a single codebase that can be used across several platforms. No other framework enables developers to use the same UI code and logic across numerous platforms. This makes it simple to develop for several platforms. Additionally, this expedites delivery by reducing the amount of time spent on development.


Captivating UI designs


A tool called Flutter offers relaxing sights for the eyes. It would be best if you mentioned material.io. It is a Google-initiated tool that gives designers the freedom to create incredible digital experiences. It even has the capability to provide end users with an experience similar to one seen in a native app. It can also control each screen pixel thanks to its layered architecture. It quickly enables customized solutions. Additionally, it provides robust compositing tools for animation, graphics, and text movies. You are also able to overlay without any restrictions effortlessly.


Dart advantage


Google created Dart to support the development of desktop, web, backend, and mobile apps. Being a client-focused language dart can boost your reputation. Additionally, it is thought to be a straightforward language to translate into native code, enabling quick delivery and customization. The language was also relatively easy for developers to learn. A developer can effectively finish a single project in a week if they only have one. Flutter’s silver layout approach makes scrolling and other operations faster than previously. Additionally, it functions with all the central operating systems.




Flutter ended up being the best option because it ensured usability, security, and dependability. Cross-platform development can be done with just one line of code. But single coding has advantages that go beyond just single coding. In contrast to its competitors, Flutter provides a platform-friendly user interface. Given what was indicated earlier, Google’s Skia can be given credit for creating Skip’s agile development functionality.


Flutter promise Scalability


With Google’s assistance, it is simple to grow user data or amass new features without making any significant changes. Google has a firebase application for the backend, which was initially created to improve scalability. With Firebase, it is possible to provide a real-time database that keeps all client computers’ data in sync. Additionally, Firebase is skilled at optimizing and reducing update frequency. This functionality may keep everything in sync and let you add or remove any number of different functions.


Support availability


Support guarantees more stable platform performance. Resources are easily accessible during development because the Flutter community is highly active. Dart is preferred because it is a well-liked programming language among developers. The security of the Flutter is another perk. As a result, the open-source community is always prepared to assist when you have a small development budget.


Best for start-ups


Flutter is ideal for rapid development and minor issues if you are a start-up. It contains a tonne of tools that make it easy for you to build an MVP. Flutter also makes it simpler to create a native version of the application. Even a novice can try their hands-on work with less complexity. Single-coding makes it the best option if you want cross-platform development.



Flutter has undoubtedly been more popular over the past several years. However, this will be a long-term technical partnership rather than a time-being-hype. In order to secure its position for decades and shine like a north star in the sky of technology, Google is aggressively working to fix the current bug.

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