Benefits of Azure Consulting Services For Business

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Azure Consulting Services

Cloud computing is the zeitgeist in the technology ecosystem. Businesses across the globe are rushing to take their systems to the Cloud. Microsoft’s Azure Consulting services are one of the most coveted Cloud platforms that are available today.

What is Azure Consulting Services?

Azure is an open Cloud platform that offers 180+ services that helps your business to harness the unbridled power of Cloud computing. The services also offer a slew of other technological inputs through Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), DevOps, IoT, and host of other services. The services can be curated to suit your business needs and goals. From storage services, to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), to Platform as a service (PaaS), Azure Consulting Services is the ‘go-to’ platform for enhancing your technological capabilities.

However, to ensure that your business gains the most out of the transition to the Cloud ecosystem, it is important that you have a certified Microsoft Azure Consultant to guide you through the daunting task of moving to the Cloud. Orion e-solutions offers you the most trusted and industry-certified Microsoft Azure Consultants to help you with the automation.

Our clients vouchsafe our diligent endeavours to offer them excellence. Moving towards excellence require a detailed roadmap. Towards that end our team of Azure Consultants double down to provide an initial assessment about your business needs, present capabilities, and infrastructure readiness. Once you or your team and Orion Azure Consultants have understood the requirements, we offer you a painstakingly detailed roadmap and timelines of your transition to Cloud.

Are there any benefits of Azure Consulting Services?

Apart from the fact that there is a clarion call to take all tech-infrastructure to Cloud, using Microsoft’s Azure Consulting offers you real-time advantages.

  • Speedy Deployment: With in-build technological offerings, Azure platforms offer a wide range of ‘must-have’ technological inputs. What’s more interesting is the fact that all it takes are few clicks of the mouse!
  • Huge Savings: Gone are the days that you would spend your capital on building tech-infrastructure, which goes obsolete real quick. When you use the Azure Cloud Services, you pay for exactly what you use. Industry experts swear that you can see a real-time saving of 60% on infrastructure build-up
  • Scale New Heights: Scalability is the new buzz-word in technology. Depending on your business needs or goals, you can easily scale your Cloud infrastructure
  • Advanced Analytics: Azure is not just a data storage service. It offers a cutting-edge AI and ML based Data Analytics, which will help you make informed decisions about your business
  • Security: Concerned about the security of your data or what happens to your data in an event of a disaster? Well, you can sleep peacefully as Microsoft Azure offers state of the art security to your data. Add to it all is the data recovery option, so that you do not lose out on all the important information.

Azure Ecosystem with its in-built technology features such as DevOps, App Management, Data Analytics etc. offers your business a unique agility. At Orion, we work with the belied that tomorrow is today. When we get on board with you we work ceaselessly to ensure a secure and speedy transition to Cloud. With a hint of pride, we offer the very best of the Microsoft Azure Experts, who form our un-paralleled bench strength.

A glimpse of Azure Consulting Capabilities of Our Team:

At Orion, we are dedicated to harnessing the awesome potential of technologies and tools offered on Azure Services. We excel at turning challenges into opportunities, Advantages into Industry touchstone. Once we partner with you, we ensure to offer schematics about what are the pressing needs that need to be addressed. This ensure that you, our valued customer, knows how efficient we are about fulfilling our commitment.

Still, need more reasons to go with Orion? Well, here we go…

  • High CSAT: Our clients attest that Orion is the industry touchstone when it comes to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Best of Industry Experts: We take pride in saying that we employ the best technology professionals to our bench strength. At Orion, you will get the very best of Azure Consultants that you can handpick to work with you. There are no recruitment and training hassles that you would have to go through.
  • We SAVE for you: We understand that the very best of technology must not strain our clients. Therefore, we offer the latest, technologically advanced services at a reasonable price.
  • Complete Transparency: We cannot lay more stress on the fact that at Orion, we go to extremes to ensure that our clients experience complete transparency. At every moment, you will have access to the status of the project.

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