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On the Apple App Store, there are over 1.96 Million apps. The number on its counterpart, Google Play Store is 2.87 Million. The app development market is venturing into wider horizons and a mobile presence is considered crucial for survival in this dynamic market place.

  • In 2019, the mobile app development market was at a valuation of $154.05 Billion.
  • In 2020, the market reached $170.52 Billion
  • By 2027, the market is expected to reach a value of $366.34 Billion.
  • This incredible growth is being fueled by a CAGR of 11.5% from 2020 to 2027.

With these magnificent numbers in mind, it is also important to consider a crucial aspect of mobile app development. The success of any such venture is totally dependent upon selecting the right stack of tech, tools and trends. In this discussion, we will touch upon the 4 most popular and productive tools to use for mobile app development activities in 2021.



  • React Native

It is an open source framework used for both Android and iOS mobile app creation. React Native is a venture by Facebook and marries the most interesting aspects of native development platforms with the JavaScript library called React.

It had a 42% market share in 2020. The inclusion of native-like features offers exceptional performance and reliability. It is easier to debug and facilitates the production of PWAs, which are all the rage in 2021. The PWA market will reach a value of $10.44 Billion by 2027. Reusability of code is another attractive aspect of React Native development.


  • Xamarin

Xamarin belongs to Microsoft. It is relatively new but second to none in popularity. It facilitates cross platform mobile app production. The resultant apps look and feels native. The added benefit is that Xamarin uses C# as the sole language for creating fully functional apps across operating systems.

C# is used in a .NET framework through Xamarin and this results in 90% code reusability. And this directly translates to faster development and more streamlined process flow. Xamarin has over 15,000 apps under its belt and over 2 Billion downloads. The current market share is 1.74%.


  • Appcelerator

This facilitates the creation of cross platform mobile apps that adhere to native qualities. The benefit of Appcelerator is that it uses a single JavaScript codebase. This allows you to develop the apps in JavaScript and run it across operating systems. Through IDE and SDK, it allows up to 90% code reusability.

Appcelerator offers immediate release support and adds to user delight by providing a rich user experience through its native look and feel. Appcelerator has a 2.96% market share when it comes to cross platform mobile app development tools. It is used by over 207 companies including Amazon, Walmart, and Microsoft.


  • Sencha

Sencha allows developers to sculpt exceptionally functional apps across desktops, smartphones, and tablets. Over 60% of Fortune 100 companies currently employ Sencha. This itself stands as a testament to its exceptional features and development advantages. It uses Ext JS. This is a JS framework that facilitates app creation for modern devices. It is an exceedingly comprehensive framework. The added advantage is the inclusion of over 140 high performance UI components that are pre-integrated and well tested.

The above-mentioned frameworks are not the only ones that are performing exceptionally well in 2021. However, these are definitely the best. And that brings us to the conclusion of this discussion.



Mobile app development is a practice that cannot be ignored by any brands, big or small. Having a telling digital presence is a rudimentary requirement for survival in 2022. And a mobile app establishes the digital front that you want to show case to your customers. If you are still on the fence about mobile app development for your brand, visit to understand the nuances and benefits of the same. And if you require inputs and support in a professional capacity, partner with us today!

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