Regarded as one of the most popular and widely chosen frameworks for developing web applications, .NET comes with multiple benefits. It is used for building interconnected, modern and cloud-based applications with the help of many tools and services.

Any web developer who is working with .NET cannot use the technology in the best of ways until the time the right tools are used in a suitable manner. Although Microsoft technologies can be used in numerous ways for making a .NET application, there are some tools and technologies that are extremely important.

In this blog, we will discuss the best ways to develop a web application in Dot Net. So, let’s begin:



Out of the two MVC frameworks for .NET, the ASP.NET Core is considered to be the modern one. Released as an important part of the .NET Core, it runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. It is highly recommended for the development of web applications that follow the MVC architectural pattern.

The applications made with ASP.NET Core are highly extensible. Internally, every incoming request is processed with a pipeline of components that can do some work before passing the request on to the next component in the pipeline after receiving a response.

These components included in the pipeline are called middleware. Most of them are built into the framework and offer standard web application functionalities such as routing, authentication, exception handling, HTTPS redirection, serving a static file, CORS configuration, etc. This framework is also very useful in developing custom middleware.


This framework is a predecessor of ASP.NET Core. All the applications that are written in ASP.NET MVC are required to be hosted in IIS on Windows. This framework is not used for developing new web applications anymore since the developers prefer to use ASP.NET Core instead.

Right on the surface, ASP.NET MVC is not so different than ASP.NET Core. It includes three important folders that are:

  • The controller folder that comes with the controller class is derived from the controller base class that is responsible for implementing action methods.
  • The view is responsible for views that use the Razor syntax.
  • The model folder that comes with model or view model classes. 

    There is not much support for the dependency injection since there is no out of the box implementation provided. In order to inject services with valid business logic into a controller, a third-party dependency injection that is responsible for implementing the provided interfaces must be added and configured properly.


A superior software that is used for developing flexible web applications on the .NET framework is known as ASP.NET API. It helps in building HTTP services approaching a wide range of customers on multiple devices.

 ASP.NET SignalR

Embedded with APIs that come for grouping connections and authorization, ASP.NET SignalR helps in making communication between the server and client. In addition, it also supports web sockets and fallbacks to other different versions.


An open-source JavaScript framework that is managed by Google, the fundamental functionality of AngularJS is to expand the browser-based web applications with the help of the MVC pattern. This makes the process of development, testing and debugging very easy.


  1. MICROSOFT WEB PLATFORM INSTALLER: This one is free package management software that makes it simple to access the latest components of the Microsoft Web Platform such as .NET Framework, Visual Web Developer, SQL server express, etc. This system is kept up to date with the use of automatic installations of the latest version of every component.
  2. WEB ESSENTIALS FOR VISUAL STUDIO: This Visual Studio extension extends the core VS functionality with multiple powerful and useful features that include task shortcuts, better working for CSS, JavaScript, HTML, etc. In addition to being a very handy tool for web developers, Visual Studio is a real productivity booster.
  3. VISUAL STUDIO GALLERY: This one is a very important tool used for offering quick access to Visual Studio extensions, templates, controls, etc. The marketplace integrates well with the IDE while allowing the developers to access around 7,000 products that are available currently.
  4. NuGet: Used as a package manager for .NET, NuGet allows a person to access multiple third party libraries or creating and sharing your own tools. With around 98,000 packages that are available at the moment, this tool is the largest database for third party components for .NET
  5. NOVI BUILDER: A visual HTML editor that enables changing texts, links, backgrounds, images, other elements, etc., Novi builder has more than 200 elements that make it possible to create different pages.
  6. LINQPad: A safe tool that is used for testing the LINQ queries, C#, Visual Basic, F# programs, this tool has a debugger that is built-in and comes with auto-complete features. It works as a perfect platform for prototyping with instant feedback.


With the help of suitable tools and technologies, .NET can enable web developers to create an extremely efficient business based web application. Selecting the most suitable aspect just at the beginning of the project can assist in getting one of the best web applications with the help of .NET

With ever-evolving technology, customers desire to have a well-made web application that comes with many features. Microsoft .NET is one of the best examples that deliver high-performance web applications to customers.

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