Top 7 reasons to choose Dot Net for Enterprise Application Development

Choose Dot Net for Enterprise Application Development

The enterprise applications that meet the requirements of being high in performance and customer usability must be made with a technology that is efficient, flexible, scalable, and secure. Dot Net technology by Microsoft offers an unfaltering user experience while meeting the ever-growing needs of an enterprise. All medium to large-sized businesses at the present time are looking for enterprise application development solutions that provide unmatched flexibility and customization options for their current and future requirements.

The features of Dot Net technology allow it to be used for making all kinds of applications with the endless benefits that it comes with. The reason why a dot net developer is likely to use this technology is because of the fact it offers an outstanding development environment that adapts with and solves the ever-growing needs of an enterprise in the right way. 

The fast-paced world that we live in demands the applications to be built swiftly and in high quality. Dot Net comes embedded with a versatility that allows it to cater to any software requirement.

Choosing to hire dot net developer is advantageous for enterprise application development as it helps in realizing the objective of augmenting functions and delivering better services to the customers. 

Although there are many reasons, here we have compiled top 7 reasons to choose Dot Net for enterprise application development


Using .NET assists in developing high-quality applications quickly. It comes with modern language constructs such as language integrated query, asynchronous programming, generics, etc. that make the work of a dot net developer much more productive.

When it is combined with extensive class libraries, multi-language support and some powerful tools offered by the Visual Studio family, it becomes one of the most productive platforms that can be used by the developers.


One of the important reasons why a dot net developer prefers using this framework is because of the fact that configurations are easy to change with almost no requirement of code rewriting.

Given the changing business models, this one is important to highlight because the maintenance costs shouldn’t exceed the total cost of the business. Additionally, the .net framework has also received immense industrial recognition for proving to be a powerful tool for hosting production intensive applications.

More than anything, the server built-in checks that .net comes with making sure that applications run as they are desired to.


Dot net is extremely fast. By being fast we mean that the applications made with the help of dot net offer a better response time and need much less computing power. An example of this is Stack Overflow made with Dot Net has over 5.3M page views in one day on a total of only nine servers

A comparison made by TechEmpower assessed the performance of Dot net with other web application frameworks on the basis of tasks like JSON serialization, server-side template rendering, and database access. The result was that Dot Net performs faster than any other popular framework.


Dot Net is based on an object-oriented programming module. This is a development model that involves breaking down the software into simple and manageable pieces. 

This OOP feature compartmentalizes data into the data fields and explains the behaviour of objects with the declaration of the class. The modules of object-oriented programming not only simplifies the coding but it also responds to recurring issues and makes them simple for testing. 

This feature also eliminates the necessary programming while asking for less coding for developers. Finally, .net makes it simple to reuse the components and code while saving time and the cost for development.


Dot Net provides instant security and trust benefits because of a managed runtime. It comes with a collection of services that can help in preventing important issues such as bad pointer manipulation or attempts that alter the compiled code.

Even during the cases of potential threats or problems, Microsoft solves the security problems promptly and makes sure to release updates quickly at the time when the threats are discovered.


An important feature of .net is that it has the support of a large open-source community. The  .net foundation is one of the strongest and independent nonprofit organizations that support an innovative, open-source and commercially friendly .NET ecosystem.

Around 60, 000 developers from a total of 4000 companies excluding Microsoft contribute to the open-source community of .NET in their own ways.  Additionally, some of the tech giants such as Google, Samsung, Unity, Red Hat, Jet Brains, etc, are also guiding the bright future of the .NET platform.


An important attraction of the .NET framework is the simplicity with which the code can be maintained without mixing HTML with the ASP code. A challenge that always remains when it comes to application deployment is the registration of multiple DLLs or the Dynamic Link Libraries.

A factor that is even more challenging is the maintenance of multiple versions simultaneously. With the help of .net enterprise application development, different versions of one library can co-exist on one server while providing time-efficient and enterprise-wide deployment.

This benefit of easy deployment modelled on the Dot Net framework can be simply ported on servers along with delivering simple access to the clients.


All the reasons mentioned above are a clear testament to the fact that the .NET platform is one of the most preferred frameworks when it comes to enterprise application development. All the advantages of this technology continue adding even more to its long list of benefits.

Making the decision to hire dot net developer can pay off really well if the cross-platform capabilities are used rightly for building a powerful, safe and reliable application. Regardless of the size of an enterprise, .net can be used to build an application aimed at increasing operational efficiency and ROI.

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