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  • The machine learning market worldwide will rise to $8.81 Billion by 2022. (Markets and Markets)
  • The global machine learning market will grow to $209.91 billion by 2029. (Fortune Business Insights)


Machine Learning has been thriving across industries, from automotive, retail, and finance to healthcare.


How to find reliable machine learning developers in India? This query is buzzing in every corner of the global business world.


And why not.


Many businesses, one by one, are gaining a more innovative approach through a machine learning metamorphosis. Being an off-shoot of Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning has blended itself with business processes through its self-learning approach.


From CEOs and business process managers to startup leaders, people from all groups have understood the effectiveness of machine learning in escalating their customer experience to grow their businesses sky-high.


For instance, Facebook’s ML-driven face recognition feature has uplifted its user experience to another level. While uploading images, this feature suggests that users tag friends in the images.


Since ML has become an integral part of businesses, the demand for skilled and experienced machine learning developers is an uprising.


It is not an easy task, though.


In your quest how to find reliable machine learning developers in India, we are right beside you.


We will show you the effective ways to find skilled and reliable ML experts to improve your business sales and make futuristic business plans.


How Is ML Transforming Businesses?


46% of businesses have deployed ML in a couple of areas of their core business process. (Refinitiv AI/ML Survey)


Before we dig deeper into hiring ML professional titbits, learning how machine learning is remolding and reshaping businesses across industries is crucial.


  • Data-driven business decisions
  • Evaluation of customer experience and response
  • Better utilization of IT framework
  • Better tracking of customer interaction
  • Improved supply chain management


 How to Find Reliable machine learning developers in India?


Machine learning expertise lies in understanding and figuring out how to use human inputs to machines. When a machine learning professional possess all the necessary ML attributes, reliability always comes to the surface. Besides the ML technical attributes, other things to consider while hiring ML professionals.


Robust Technical Skill


Since machine learning involves multiple programming languages and frameworks, an MLprofessional must have full-fledged technical skills in coding to chip away at redundant tasks. The technical specialization pis down the ML abilities and excellence of professionals.




The knowledge of Python is the fundamental base of ML professionals. Python adds flexibility and convenience to machine learning systems.


Make sure the candidate you have chosen is aware of all Python’s accessible features and functions.


Knowledge in C/C++


If your business deals with engineering projects, then the ML professionals you require must have low-level programming knowledge like C/C++. Look for ML professionals equally efficient in C/C++.




Website and web application development is a significant part of business expansion. If you want to build web applications embedded with ML APIs, the knowledge of Javascript comes to the front. Hire an ML developer having core Javascript knowledge. Only he can implement ML visualization in your web development project.


Pytorch and TensorFlow


Pytorch and Tensorflow are the two most powerful deep learning frameworks dominantly overwhelming the global ML market. Ensure the ML expert you choose is an expert in navigating Pytorch and Tensorflow.


Apache Spark


Apache Spark framework is well-known for speeding up ML development. A knowledgeable and skilled ML developer is always aware of Apache Spark.




It is another prominent and crucial ML algorithm. ML developers master in Scikit-learn can successfully solve data problems during the ML development pipeline.


Soft Skill


Technical skills are mandatory. However, for an ML developer, soft skills are equally important. The ML developer you hire must excel in skills like communication, teamwork, leadership, etc. Clear and detailed communication with clients and team members determines the work approach of ML professionals. Ensure the ML professional you are about to hire believes and practices a smooth interaction or not.


Creative and Cognitive Skills


Every business holds unique requirements for refinement that an ML professional has to handle with an innovative approach. Hence, the ML professional you choose must keep the creative zeal to understand your business requirement and goal. The individual ML developer or the Team of ML professionals should have the ability to dig creative and innovative ideas out of mind and build a business model fulfilling your goal. Whether developing a customer-centric application or business model, the ML developer must showcase a creative and cognitive approach.


Final Words


Machine learning algorithm aids business enterprises in making effective and futuristic decision-making. The prime intention of ML developers is to develop innovative and cognitive applications that can think and act like humans accelerating business growth.


Your how to find reliable machine learning developers in India ends at Orion eSolutions.


Hire the most knowledgeable and skilled ML developers from Orion to finetune your business process, improve customer interaction, and experience unprecedented growth in business revenue.


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