How To Build an App Like PayPal?

In this blog, learn how to build an app like PayPal with expert insights. Discover the key steps and considerations for developing a successful payment app.
how to build an app like PayPal

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Undoubtedly, digital payments have become the new norm, attributed to multiple factors like the emergence of e-wallet players, further accompanied by the COVID-19 pandemic. More and more people are embracing sending and receiving money in real-time using payment apps like PayPal, reducing the dependency on cash and bank transfers.

The reasons driving the growth of big e-wallet players like PayPal include the convenience, security, and user-friendliness offered. Moreover, it assists in managing activities like checking account balances online, paying bills online, and making peer-to-peer payments. All this showcases the need for entrepreneurs to embrace this digital payment revolution and leverage mobile app development for maximum business profitability.

In this blog, we will cover an overview of PayPal’s growth dynamics, key features to build an app like PayPal, and how Orion eSolutions is the right choice to assist you throughout the mobile app development journey.

Growth Dynamics of Digital Payment Apps Like PayPal

There are numerous players like Venmo, Stripe, and more who have entered the continually growing fintech sector. However, of all, PayPal is holding an immense position as a market leader with amazing growth and revenue statistics.

  • PayPal has 426 million active users worldwide.
  • The annual revenue of PayPal in 2023 reached $29.771B.
  • PayPal has set its presence across countries like the United Kingdom, Austria, Australia, and Germany in December 2023.

Collectively, it is clear that businesses need to spend money building an app like PayPal to start reaping such long-term benefits.

How PayPal Works?

PayPal platform allows setting up either a business account or a personal account depending on your requirement. But for both cases, you have to get the account verified for hassle-free transactions.

  • Create an account using a contact number or email address.
  • Once verified and secured, you have to link a bank account, credit card, or debit card.
  • Next, whenever you need to make the payment, choose the one mode from those you have added to your account and confirm the payment details.
  • Once done, PayPal pulls the money from your account and deposits it to the recipient’s account quickly. The process is similar when you are the recipient.

Essential Features of Digital Payment Apps Like PayPal

PayPal-like app is one the best digital payment applications for iOS and Android devices, attracting billions of users due to its cool features and functionalities.

If you are also looking to build a mobile app, the below-given features are a must to add to your clone app.

Bill, Invoice Sharing

Using this feature, users can simply scan and send invoices or bills to another person to view or make payments. Both the receiver and senders will receive the payment-related invoice post-transaction, further saving the same within the mobile application.

Multi-Factor Authentication

A digital payment app like PayPal must have a 2FA feature for secure money transactions. In this process, unique codes are sent on registered numbers before logging into the app to complete the transactional processes, ensuring data security and privacy of user’s information and doubling down the security in ID verification.

Push Notifications

Users appreciate apps that send reminders via messaging. Here, push notification functionality is the way to send credit or debit fund-related messages to the users about their due dates related to credit card payments, electricity bills, and more. Thus, increasing user engagement and contributing as a marketing tool.

Multiple Currency

PayPal is an outstanding e-payment app known for its payment gateway integration capability. Unlike all payment apps, it allows senders and receivers to make payments worldwide in the desired currency, ensuring smooth cross-border payment experiences.

Check History & Track Payments

Another essential feature your PayPal-like app must have is the tracking functionality. It enables users to check payment history including parameters like time, date, and payments received and sent. Also, users can request weekly and monthly reports via email to get detailed information regarding transactions made.

Unique IDs and OTP

Verification and authorization of transactions via OTP or unique IDs make the process more secure. Simply integrate the fingerprint scanner functionality and let the users verify the transactions through fingerprint scanning for swapping money between two accounts.

QR Code Scanner

This is the must-have feature for every e-wallet app. Each account has its unique OR codes that enable users to send money through. Users simply need to scan the code on their mobiles and the money is transferred to the payee’s account.

Reward Programs

Digital wallets with reward program functionality assist users in gaining additional value and contribute to customer retention. The users can redeem the reward points earned on transactions or occasions like birthdays against eligible payments or exchange offers on fashion, electronics, and so on for better user engagement.

Steps to Build an App Like PayPal

Mobile payment apps like PayPal have simplified the payment processes for businesses, ensuring quick and secure money transactions. As a result, many businesses are more eager to create applications similar to PayPal to ease their payment processes.

For this, we have provided below the vital steps they must follow to build a desired app.

Define the Project Scope

The first and foremost step to building a PayPal-like mobile app is understanding the project scope. Get insights into making goals behind developing the app, decide on whether to build an app for Android/iOS or both devices, and set a specific deadline.

All this helps clearly define the development goals and fulfill the user’s demands accordingly.

Choose the Right Development Approach

The next step is to choose the ideal development approach. Launching a Minimum Viable Product helps focus on specific features catering to target audience demands and improving the overall app’s functionality.

Later on, you can continue to enhance its functioning by adding advanced features as per the user’s feedback, cutting down the cost of overall custom app development.

Hire the Specialized Mobile App Development Company

Now, you need an in-house team of designers or custom app developers to begin with the development process. However, building an in-house team can be time-consuming and expensive as well.

Here, the best you can do is hire a custom mobile app development company like us Orion eSolutions which brings expert Business analysts, Android developers, React Native developers, and project managers on board for the delivery of a smooth and fully functional payment app.

Incorporate Essential Features

Integrating all the essential features like invoicing, quick money transfers, split payments, and many more discussed above is essential to deliver the best possible experiences to the app users.

Develop Interactive UI

Your app UI must be responsive, appealing, and engaging, overruling complexity and legacy designs. Make the right icons, templates, and theme choices along with employing the right tech stack to ensure the app is more captivating and capable of driving the targeted users.

Execute Thorough Testing

Once the development step is over with the incorporation of essential features and functionalities, the next phase is the testing. It involves testing the app for any bugs or errors and fixing them to ensure secure and error-free e-wallet transactions.

Besides, it includes compatibility checks on different platforms, security testing, and performance testing.

Why Choose Orion eSolutions to Build Your PayPal-Like App?

Orion eSolutions stands as the leading mobile app development company holding years of experience and huge expertise in building e-wallet apps like PayPal.

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Also, when it comes to hiring custom app developers, we are the first choice and the reasons are quite compelling.

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We have an in-house team of developers who possess a detailed understanding of advanced tech stack, app development methodologies, and best industry practices. Furthermore, their huge expertise in development ensures the delivery of innovative and secure apps like PayPal to meet your specific needs.

Access to Advanced Technologies

Our expert developers are well-versed in the latest tools, technologies, and frameworks. As a result, we deliver the apps with the best-in-class functionalities, performance, and security standards.


We follow an efficient agile development methodology that eliminates the need for upfront costs for best-in-class development tools and resources and reduces the time-to-market. As a result, businesses can save a lot on development expenses plus achieve improved return on investment.

Maintenance & Support

Our post-implementation maintenance and support services are essential for the mobile app’s proper functioning. Our team is available 24/7 to help you with any queries or concerns, provide updates on new feature launches, ensuring your application stays relevant and fully functional.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the average time to be expected for mobile app development?

Answer: Building a basic mobile app with minimum features may take 2-4 months on average. For mid-level payment apps with essential features usually takes 4-8 months. And if you need to build a high-end custom wallet app, proficient custom app developers will take an average of 9-12 months.

2. Do I need to hire a development company to build a PayPal-like app?

Answer: Yes, the size of the mobile app development company to hire depends on the project requirements. Additionally, the team must include custom app developers, designers, testers, and project managers for efficient app development. Also, you can consider hiring mobile app developers from Orion eSolutions who possess great expertise and years of experience serving in the fintech industry.

3. How do apps like PayPal make money?

Answer: PayPal-like apps depend on revenue generation streams like currency conversion fees, transaction fees, and merchant service fees. Also, many apps offer financial services and goods and contribute to its fintech business.

4. How much does it cost to build an app like PayPal?

Answer: The cost of building a payment app depends on multiple factors like project complexity, features required, and beyond. Besides, following a Minimum Viable Product development approach is cost-efficient to build an app along with all the required functionalities. For accurate estimates, it is best to connect with specialized custom app developers.

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