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As per Statista, 23.82% of mobile and web developers use Express. JS, while 22.96% of developers prefer Angular. JS.

Additionally, Javascript is the most popular programming language around the world.

Statista has declared that almost 69% of software developers have used Javascript for their product development in 2021.

What if developers find the best frameworks like Angular, Express, MongoDB offered by Javascript within one stack?


Here comes the most fascinating MEAN Stack web development.

The abundance of software stacks like Ruby on Rails, Laravel, LAMP, etc., has made the stack field crowded in the present scenario. The developers are looking for the best technologies to create efficient web and mobile applications.

MEAN Stack is one of the most resourceful and potential technology for developing mobile and web applications.

Analyzing the Components of Mean Stack

It is the components of MEAN Stack that make the technology so remarkable.

The complete set of JS technologies enables the developers to build peerless and high-tech apps for businesses.

Mongo DB

Mongo DB is an excellent DBMS that offers a NoSQL type database.

Express JS

  • JS is the most precious component for MEAN.
  • One can say that Express is the gold of MEAN.
  • Developers can write, secure, and execute faster applications with Express. JS.

Angular. JS

  • Angular aids software developers in building rapid and smooth UI within a shorter period.
  • Angular ensures fast-loading software development at comparatively low maintenance.

Node. JS

  • Based on Google Chrome’s V8 engine, Node. JS is MEAN’s backbone.
  • It is one of the most efficient cross-platform runtime environments.
  • Developers use Node. JS to develop excessively scalable web apps.


Reasons to Prefer MEAN Stack

The whopping buzz around the MEAN Stack has created fascination among developers and enterprises.

Software firms across the globe are getting tempted to implement the amalgamation of various technologies to create dynamic and swift loading web and mobile applications.

But, what are there behind all these fascination and temptation?

It is just because of the components or the bliss of advanced frameworks within a single stack?

Let’s unlock!


Lower Development Cost

Any enterprise today wishes to stay competitive.

Consequently, companies look for technologies that can help them shred their product development cost.

For the same, the MEAN Stack web development is an excellent choice.

  • The JS-based technology is open source and free to use.
  • It allows developers to build dynamic, fast-loading web and mobile applications at a low cost.


Boosts Developer’s Productivity

MEAN Stack enhances the efficiency of developers.

  • The framework enables the business enterprises to streamline the product development pipeline.
  • The JS technologies bring agility to the developer’s effort, boosting the overall productivity.


Single Language-Oriented Tech stack

  • Since MEAN stack is a Javascript-based tech stack, developers don’t require to specialize in other languages.
  • Developers can configure databases, handle the server, and manage the front-end with Javascript.

With MEAN, things get a lot easier than before.

Such a bliss, isn’t it?


Flexibility Coincides with Efficiency

MEAN is a tremendous flexible framework beyond any doubt.


  • It allows the developers to run and test their codes on the cloud platforms without a single hassle.
  • Moreover, Javascript adds ease to the entire product development process.
  • Whether it is about task switching or untangling queries, MEAN offers super efficiency across the team members.


Pros of Hiring MEAN Stack Developers

 As per the IDC survey, there will be 28.7 million software developers worldwide.

MEAN developers add a considerable part of this crowd.

Unless you become aware of MEAN’s benefit in a software application development cycle, it is impossible to learn the pros of hiring MEAN developers.

MEAN developers are a bunch of technocrats who,

  • Can handle media queries and single-page applications.
  • Understand JS frameworks.
  • Are highly experienced in working with Mongo DB for a long time.
  • Effortlessly switch from one domain to other, yet accomplish the task on time.

So, whenever business enterprises require to build fast-loading and high-tech web or mobile apps, MEAN stack developers can bring euphoria.


Aware of the Top Tech Trends

  • Globenewswire projects that the global Blockchain market will hit $67.4 billion by 2026.
  • Grandviewresearch forecasts the global AI market will reach $997.77 billion by 2028.
  • As per Cisco researchers, more than 127 new devices get linked to IoT every second.

Getting goosebumps?

You probably have not come across these statistics yet.

But a MEAN developer is aware of all the latest things sweeping people’s feet off the ground.


Experience Gets Blended with Skill

Since MEAN developers work on various web and mobile app development projects, the experience equips them with vast knowledge and skill. Regardless of your project type, the MEAN developer’s insight will add efficiency and marketability to your product.


Budget-Friendly and Timely Delivery

MEAN is the best option when you are strict on a budget yet to finish a project within a fixed and short timeline. For the same, MEAN developers seem the best option for a strict budget app development project.

From developers to business enterprises, all desire positive results in a single try. The Full-Stack developers at Orion eSolutions can shape this desire into a reality. We leverage the MEAN Stack web development to create robust, smooth, and scalable web and mobile applications for businesses.

Why don’t you share your project with us to see the magic?


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