We have the right coterie that encompasses the above. Here, we look at 5 such skills that every MEAN stack developer must possess in 2021.

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MEAN. It is open source. It is fast-paced. It is well organized. And it can be used to build both mobile apps and apps that are web-based. It also aids in robust and maintainable solutions. And it is trending in 2021. These benefits have driven companies like Accenture, Fiverr, UNIQLO, and Sisense among a plethora of others to adopt this stack, we at Orion eSolutions have also pioneered this tech stack.

The underlying technologies of MEAN which are Mongo DB, Express JS, Angular JS, and Node JS have some interesting numbers to exhibit.

  • Datanyze has estimated Mongo BD to have a 66% market share with over 12,185 websites developed.
  • Node JS was downloaded over 360 Million The average is 1 Million downloads per day according to Nodesource.
  • According to Similar Tech, Angular JS has helped the development of over 452,222 websites as well as 210,392 unique domains.

These statistics are enough to paint a bright future for MEAN stack development practices. If this is not enough, we can always take a look at the biggest advantages of MEAN as well. This includes

  • Isomorphic coding to increase productivity
  • Feasibility owing to its dependency on just JavaScript. And of course, it is open source.
  • Higher speed along with reusability as well as maintenance conveniences
  • Cloud compatibility
  • Elegant user interface
  • JavaScript Object Notation capacity
  • Simpler debugging

With these advantages, a lot of businesses are considering MEAN stack for their development needs. And consequently, a lot of developers and development companies have sprung up. However, in order to draw the entire spectrum of MEAN enabled benefits, there are certain aspects you need to look for while hiring developers.

These aspects range from core technology competencies and language expertise to fundamental communication and workflow management skills, at Orion we have the right coterie that encompasses the above. Here, we look at 5 such skills that every MEAN stack developer must possess in 2021.


It goes without saying that any MEAN stack developer must be proficient in Mongo DB, Express JS, Angular JS, and Node JS. Apart from knowing these technologies like the back of their hands, the developers you seek must also be fluent in:


A deep understanding of Vanilla JS is necessary for any full stack developer since it forms the foundation of the framework. The basic syntax, the functions, and the DOM manipulation must be their areas of expertise. This helps create objects without using third party tools.


Research is not a soft skill when it comes to MEAN stack developers. It is deeply technical. Through proper research, the developer can save hours of development time. Fr instance, the developer could identify a specific issue and use Stack Overflow or Google to see how other developers overcame the issue. This translates to increased time on hand for other development needs.

  • NPM

NPM expands to Node Project Manager. It is the most sought after package resource for JS developers. Any developer will have to deal with package distribution during the development process and a good grasp on NPM will be of great assistance.

  • GIT

Being the best version control system, Git is a must-have in the toolkit of any MEAN stack developer. Learning to commit, push, and pull changes through Git CLI saves loads of time and helps t quickly save changes or revert back to older versions.


Fundamentals like navigating file paths, creating files, deleting them based on basic command line knowledge is a huge plus to any MEAN stack developer.

We can safely assume that the above mentioned skills are beneficial to the competence of a MEAN stack developer. Another point to keep in mind is delivering on all the above mentioned fronts in an Agile manner. It is crucial for the MEAN stack developer to understand the Agile principles and adhere to it throughout the workflow. Now that we have an understanding of the skills that a MEAN stack developer must possess in 2021, let us wind this discussion up with a suggestion.


If you understand the need for robust and rapid framework development, you are surely looking for a trustworthy MEAN stack development partner to accompany and aid your business growth. We are happy to inform you that you are at the right place. Orion eSolutions have been a telling presence in the Indian MEAN stack development landscape.

We have a team of digital doyens who have made a habit of delivering high end, business specific solutions. Get in touch today and let us strategize how to scale your business in the most effective and long lasting fashion.

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