Step-by-Step Guide to Hire DevOps Developers

Step-by-Step Guide to Hire DevOps Developers

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DevOps is a mindset. In essence, it is a combination of philosophies and practices that enables the deployer to deliver better and faster. DevOps basically means the amalgamation of the Development and Operations team working on a project.

  •  The market size of global DevOps was $4311.95 Million in 2020.
  • From 2020 to 2026, it is expected to experience a CAGR of 18.95%.
  • By 2026, the estimated market value is $12,215.54 Million.

These numbers are further supported by the market behavior. Let’s understand through some statistics:

  • DevOps is majorly implemented by the technology sector, amounting up to 33% of the total shares.
  • Financial Services take up 14% while Retail accounts for 9%.
  • Cloud infrastructure has been taken up by 80% of organizations that implemented a DevOps work culture.

Hiring a DevOps expert is the need of the hour for many organizations. It helps them stay ahead of the curve. DevOps is foundationed on the double-pronged approach of CI/CD which translates to Continuous Improvement and Continuous Development. Through this approach,
any deliverable is continually optimized depending on the feedback, enabling a deployment of ultimate quality.

As such, hiring the best DevOps developer out there is crucial. Let us look at what factors to consider before making your decision. This list is specifically curated for 2023 depending upon the aggressive market alterations that happened post the pandemic. This list also keeps in mind
the evolved customer and their evolving needs.


4 Factors To Consider Before Hiring A DevOps Engineer


There are certain skill sets required in the years to come that a DevOps professional must be proficient with. Let us look at the 5 major ones.


1) Pipeline Maintenance

DevOps engineers are required to deploy and maintain a lubricated and functional Continuous Integration and Continuous Development pipeline. They should seamlessly integrate it into the company workflow and make sure that it is being religiously followed by the people. The professional that you are considering must be adroit in source control management and security integration as well.


2) Automation

One of the prime factors that a company might look for DevOps adoption is the necessity to automate. As such, this is a crucial skill for the team that you deploy. Testing, deployment and infrastructure has to be automated no matter what. Any developer that you pursue must be adept in automating code development, testing, code deployment and metric collection. Understand your exact needs, figure out where the friction exists, continually re-evaluate, and above all, keep the ROI in mind while discussing this need with a DevOps expert.


3) Continuous Monitoring

DevOps is an ongoing process. This means that once a proper system is in place, it is important to keep augmenting it according to growing business needs and the ever evolving marketplace. DevOps opens up a multitude of touch points for data collection. Hence, it is the presumed priority of the expert to ensure proper monitoring of all the moving parts as well as the integrated security.


4) DevSecOps

DevSecOps is the most powerful security deployment possible while adopting this culture. Engineers must be equipped with the skills to prevent production of vulnerable codes as well as artifact attesting. Cloud security and application security knowledge is necessary as well. Think of DevSecOps as an envelope protecting the entire pipeline of DevOps. Hence a holistic approach is mandated.

By following the above mentioned necessities, you can be sure that the specialist you are pursuing is apt for the job, and moreover, in the best interest of your company. Each organization has a slightly varied ask, when it comes to DevOps deployment. It is a given that DevOps can skyrocket productivity. However, if deployed partially or improperly, it can render the entire exercise obsolete and, in some cases, stagnate the journey towards your end goal.


What is the safeguard against this?

The best practice is to hire a partner who can, in turn, deploy the entire DevOps mechanism with utmost diligence. And this is where Orion eSolutions can help.


Let’s Partner Up


Orion eSolutions houses engineers, specialists and developers who are masters in the craft of DevOps implementation. Each one of our projects is sculpted differently. That is, only afterproperly understanding your core needs will we even start off with the process.

We understand that each business is different. And we understand the temporal volatility of the marketplace that you serve. Hence, each of our solutions works best for you and only for you. Let’s get in touch today to take this forward.


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Query 1: Why does DevOps matter?

Response: It improves collaboration and teamwork leading to faster turn around time and better deliverables.


Query 2: What are the exact business benefits of DevOps?

Response: Faster solution development and easier existing structure maintenance.

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