Benefits Of Devops For Businesses


DevOps has been revolutionizing the IT industry since its birth.

  • Worldwide, 86% of companies treasure the quick production of DevOps softwares.

DevOps maximizes the efficiency of the project through its best-in-class automation and excellent cross-functional cooperation. As a result, DevOps can flourish with flexibility and innovation of the business idea.



What is DevOps?

The blend of development and operations, known as DevOps, has significantly impacted the businesses over a few years.

  • Markets and Markets has researched the rigorous development in the DevOps market. It was USD 2.90 Billion in 2017 and may scale up to USD 10.31 Billion by 2023.

Orion’s research has brought us the following insights into DevOps.

  • Serverless DevOps industry share may grow with a 23% CAGR from 2020 and reach USD 22.3 Billion by 2025.

It facilitates the automation of development and operation processes.


Characteristics of DevOps


DevOps are powered by consistency. It involves continuous development, integration, testing, releases, feedback, and monitoring. Additionally, it also automates minor and redundant processes. Due to its rich components, it drastically benefits businesses of any scale and industry.



Why do businesses globally favor using DevOps?


When more businesses adopt a typical environment for growth, it has the potential to mark a significant impact on the industry. DevOps, likewise, has nurtured the evolution of many small and large-scale companies globally. Further, it furnishes businesses with the following benefits.


  1. It has a customer-centric model.

First things first! A typical business model that focuses on customers tends to have a better audience and hence have better revenue. DevOps has features to focus on minor releases. These releases let your software have instant feedback. Thus, there is always room for improvement.


  1. It possesses focused development.

When you release a package of features into software, there is a chance of tangling of features. It really does create a mess! When you face troublesome issues, you need to sort out this mess and then find the solution to the exact problem. This is time-consuming. With DevOps, it is easier to focus on the problem instantly as it supports small releases. It reduces the total time to solve the issue.


  1. Automated processes back it up.

DevOps has the benefit of automating smaller and repetitive tasks. It observes and detects the flaws in the software. Further, it automatically cures the blemishes tested earlier. This benefits users and the team by availing more time to focus on different and necessary tasks.


  1. It allows rapid deployment and development.

DevOps is backed up by continuous delivery of updates. The amalgamation of automation and consistent updates and feedback systems make deployment and development rapid. This results in the faster growth of software.


  1. It furnishes businesses with a stable process and environment.

As DevOps combines software development and IT operations, it can simultaneously work on these crucial parameters. Therefore, companies prefer working with DevOps to stabilize the work environment and create a well-balanced functioning of a complete project.


  1. It is easy to identify flaws before time.

DevOps empowers the team with a sharing-oriented structure. It allows different teams to communicate with each other. In addition to that, each group can share their feedback with another group. This helps in getting early feedback on the process. Further, the total DevOps environment is based on a consistent release and feedback system. Both these parameters can easily detect the flaws in the environment timely.


  1. Your business is endowed with integration and agility.

DevOps automates the processes and releases so that your team is at ease. Additionally, it also makes sure that your product possesses high quality. Because of this, the tea can focus on integrating more ideas to make the project a success. Further, with DevOps, it is possible to achieve the scalability of the project as it offers agility at each stage of the process.




DevOps can benefit your business with a great customer experience. Furthermore, it helps in robust infrastructure development.

Orion eSolutions reports that,

  • By using DevOps, turnaround time can be reduced by 60%.
  • DevOps need 21% lesser time for correcting errors.

It is the experience, knowledge, and skill your team possesses that makes your clients satisfied. Orion eSolutions master them all! Our expertise lies in cloud services, DevOps consultancy, deployment solutions, etc. Connect with us to learn more about our services.


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