Full Stack or Mean Stack for Website Development- Which One To Choose?

Going ahead with a Full Stack or Mean Stack developer depends on the needs and budgets. Any firm must weigh all the options and end goals for the project before deciding.
Full Stack or Mean Stack for Website Development

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The world has moved online today.


– 59% of the global population, or 4.66 people, are online (DataReportal)

These are people who are active consumers of the internet and use it to shop, find information or interact with others.

– Internet visitors spend an average of 6 hours and 54 minutes daily. (DataReportal)

Every small or large business understands the importance of an online presence. It has become like a calling card. Websites build trust and credibility and assure the customer of the genuineness of a company. However, along with development, website design is a strategic part too. The design, features, functionality and User experience all gear up to define the marketing strategy and brand awareness.

– Internet Live Stats claims that there are more than 1.9 bn websites globally.

– 73% of users trust a business based on their website. (BrightLocal)

– 88.5% of designers believe that a website with a low loading speed will lose visitors the most (GoodFirms)

– 73.1 % rate non-responsive design while 61.5% believe that poor navigation is the deal breaker (Elementor)


Web Development Fundamentals


The web is dynamic. It has to adapt to changing consumer needs. Understanding the fundamentals of web designing technologies will enable business owners to build more strategic websites.

The two major components of website development include

  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development

Developers use different development technologies. These, when clubbed together to create a composite, is called a stack. Every application developed will have its own stack based on the requirements. Choosing the right stack is essential to the success of an application. This blog will assess how and when to use a full stack or a mean stack for your website development project.


Full Stack Website Development


A full stack developer has a working knowledge of all layers in the development process and can tackle the front and back end. Additionally, full-stack developers can look into servers and databases. Full Stack development enables a build of the entire website project without missing gaps. Full stack developers can work with advanced tools and technologies and enable faster turnaround times.




Team coordination and Resource Optimisation


Front-end development is agile and multi-functional. Front and back ends work in tandem, reducing efforts, costs, development, and monitoring issues.


Multi-Technology Talent Expertise


With a full stack developer, organisations gain access to a talent pool well versed in multiple technologies. It takes away the hassle of hiring multiple developers for a single project. A full-stack developer has the technological competence to deploy various tools that best suit your requirements.


Design and Code


A full-stack developer can work with design and code. This helps them to supervise teams and identify mistakes at both ends, making the work more productive.


Support and Maintenance


Full-stack developers can adapt to changing requirements quickly. Adjustments and updates to products are carried out faster. With full-stack, any support and maintenance issue is resolved faster as it eliminates the need for specialised developers to fix it. A full stack specialised company offers 24/7 support and gives a single point of contact to resolve issues in real-time.




The major challenge for full-stack developers is keeping pace across the various technologies they work with. It becomes difficult to track the latest development and trends across the spectrum of tools. The workload in front-end development is significantly higher.


Mean Stack Website Development


MEAN is a popular open-source JavaScript software stack used in web application development. MEAN can harness and combine the collection of open-source Javascript technologies for better and faster web applications.

MEAN basically is an acronym signifying open source Javascript technologies

  • M- MongoDB
  • E- ExpressJS
  • A-AngularJS
  • N- Node.js





MEAN development deploys only one language- Javascript for both client and server sides. A MEAN developer uses JavaScript Model View Controller (MVC) architecture support, offering a smooth transition at both ends.


MEAN offers Isomorphic Code


MEAN development enables transcendence in web application projects and facilitates the easier transfer of code between frameworks


Flexible and Cloud Designed


With MEAN, apps are easier to manage as developers can code in Node and migrate to AngularJS. The apps can be developed and tested in the cloud as Mongo DB suits cloud development.


High Speed and Reusability


Node.js works on a non-blocking architecture, making it a speedy tool to work with. Angular.js ensures reusability and maintenance.




MEAN is not recommended for most large-scale applications. Also, the lack of common JS coding rules can incur a loss of records.


A Quick Comparison


Languages and Frameworks


A full stack web developer handles both client and server sides and can handle front-end and back-end development for creating websites.

A mean stack developer works on Java-specific frameworks or on specific languages.




A full stack developer has a broader understanding of frameworks, whereas Mean stack specialists are experts on .js platforms like MongoDB and NoSQL.


Versatile Development Experience


Full-stack developers can access any SQL-based relational database, while mean-stack developers hold expertise in JavaScript.


Cost of development


Full-stack developers can handle a wider variety of website development work, whereas MEAN developers are specialists.




Mean Stack development caters to selective and specialised projects, while Full Stack is versatile and well-versed with multiple languages and frameworks.

To wrap up, going ahead with a Full Stack or Mean Stack developer depends on the needs and budgets. Any firm must weigh all the options and end goals for the project before deciding. Enterprises need to rely on time and cost-effectively skills and expertise to help them achieve their strategic goals.

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