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How to Improve Performance of Ionic App Development

Your website or app is a reflection of your business. A little glitch can turn the entire business ups and down.

Everyone will agree with me that building a glitch-free high, performance app is not an easy task. However, there are many things you can keep in mind, fix the bug and improve the performance of the web and apps.

Ionic is a fantastic tool for creating web applications and

More than 200 countries and more than 5 million developers trust the Ionic. Fortunately, there are some significant steps that can help to deliver a bug-free Ionic app.

In this blog, we will learn about the best practices the best Ionic app development company opt for. These tips will definitely help you to achieve the best performance Ionic app.


Knowing Ionic


Ionic is an open-source UI software development kit for creating cross-platform apps.

Using well-known web libraries, frameworks, and languages, Ionic offers a collection of tools for developing native iOS and Android applications as well as mobile-ready Progressive Web Apps. Any online project may be converted into a native iOS or Android mobile application using the cross-platform native bridge known as Ionic Capacitor.

Ionic is the preferred choice for app development for many developers because it combines Apache Cordova with Angular. It offers resources for creating high-quality hybrid mobile apps that can operate on Windows, Android, and iOS, including HTML5, CSS, and SaaS.

There are many advantages of Ionic that is as below:

  • Being an HTML5 open-sourced framework, Ionic is easy to use for developers.
  • Ionic is incredibly versatile since it is based on standard web technologies, which make it simple to alter how an application looks and feels.
  • It is cross-platform that makes it to use the single code on multiple platforms.
  • It includes native compatibility tools that enable developers to connect to native APIs such as Bluetooth, GPS, or a built-in camera without the need for custom integrations.
  • It has an extensive choice of UI elements and also offers quick prototyping.
  • Ionic functions via Web-View, so developers may test an app using the device’s browser.

Although there are some limitations as well, if you follow the described tips in the blog, you can ensure the best results.


Tips for effective Ionic app


After going through these tips, you will gain some good insight to improve your Ionic app performance.


Enable native scrolling


Because of Native Scrolling, Ionic can interpret scrolling events on supported web-views. It enables Pull to Refresh and many other features, such as Infinite Scroll, without requiring the usage of JavaScript scrolling, which was created when browsers lacked proper scroll events.

Android has had native scrolling enabled by default since Ionic 1.2. It greatly enhances productivity and user experience by assuring a smooth scroll due to asynchronous events.


Use the Ionic CLI


The Ionic CLI expands the Cordova CLI’s capabilities. Ionic CLI’s platform and plugin persistence is a terrific addition.

The problem with the Cordova CLI is that the platforms and plugins you install are only available on your local machine. When working as part of a team, you should use the same environment, platforms, and plugins. When utilizing Cordova CLI, it is more challenging to maintain the project in sync between developer machines. It is possible, but not recommended, to commit the platforms and plugin folders.

Cache logic


A logical record cache is a collection of system services that enable applications to construct and use memory caches. A cache is a hashing structure that stores data in lookaside storage buffers.

By default, single-page programs do not cache pages. You’ve probably seen it with AngularJS apps where the scroll or user inputs aren’t saved when you browse back and forth between pages.


Cordova Plugins


Most Ionic developers will want their app to work on iOS and Android. After introducing the ionic platform, including iOS, Android, and some plugins. Cordova plugins are designed to interface with native device APIs via JavaScript. As a result, the contact or device orientation plugins will only work on a single device.

You may, however, quickly test your code on a device and remotely debug it via your computer.


Do not Prototyping Ionic Applications Manually.


Ionic has a distinct design, almost like a visual language. Using accessible components and styles can save a lot of time and money, especially with prototypes and early-stage items. They are actually quite minimalistic and have a lovely appearance.



You can establish size budgets in addition to utilizing the source-map-explorer tool to examine bundle sizes. Reducing the size of your app after it has been in production is challenging. Therefore, defining budget criteria guarantees that your software stays within the size restrictions you determine.


Native Angular support


Ionic Angular apps support lazy loading by default, therefore no changes to Ionifits were required. Lazily loading is pre-set in new Ionic apps (made with the ionic start command), and subsequent app pages built with the Ionic CLI’s generate command are also configured as lazy loaded modules.


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Ionic transformed the hybrid application business in ways that no one could have predicted. However, best practices and tooling did not evolve over time. As a result, the number of potential errors that developers can make has risen.

Expert Ionic developers understand how to provide World-Class applications to various platforms at the same time. The solution is to use the available tools, prioritize performance, and adhere to best practices.

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