Top 10 Software Development Trends


What would have happened if you couldn’t work remotely in the pandemic situation?

Or what would have happened if you did not have the system that would let you work from home?

It is the pandemic that highlighted the impact of digital transformation. However, it marked the importance of software development too for all remote working and learning people. If the software you use daily or for work-purpose were not so technically sound, it would have been difficult for schools, institutes, offices, and organizations to have a digital shift. Knowingly or unknowing softwares impact every professional in many ways.


But what effects on software development? Let us talk about some software development trends in this blog.


First, a highlight is on software development.


Software development and its significance


Did you know? In 2019, there were 26.4 million software developers. This number is expected to rise and reach 28.7 million in 2028, says DDIY. The software growth market is in the boom. Especially digitization of industries is letting software development grow massively. Moreover, the pandemic raised the importance of software development and a robust software support system. That is why it seems to have a brighter future.

  • In 2022, the worldwide software market is expected to reach USD 593.40 billion, says Statista.

Further, let us move towards the top 10 software development movements.


Blockchain has proven its significance.


The time had gone when blockchain was only connected with cryptocurrency. With research and implementation in various areas, blockchain has proven its significance. The blockchain has decentralized nature. Therefore, it makes systems secure.


This technology has benefited many sectors, such as the supply chain, finance, automotive, and much more. In addition, blockchain can improve the security of mobile application payments. Moreover, it will enable real-time traceability. Furthermore, it can tackle the challenge of in-app purchases.


Machine learning: a powerful technology


  • In 2017, the worldwide machine learning market had a value of USD 1.41 billion. Moreover, by 2022, it is expected to reach USD 8.81 billion.

Machine learning is a powerful technology. With its features such as no-code AI, machine learning software development is one of the trending development practices even for non-technical persons.


DevOps impacts software growth too!


DevOps has many benefits to domains. It enhances both the development and operation areas of the company infrastructure. In addition, DevOps is already in use for software development. Further, in 2022, the observability tools will make a significant impact on software development practices. Moreover, this function will effortlessly solve the architecture issue. As a result, it will enable continuous development and integration.

Python is on the top of the game!


The year 2020 was influenced by Javascript. However, post this, Python became one of the most powerful languages used across the globe. As AI is one of the most favored technology, Python stays at the top of the competition by enabling AI or MI-based features for software development.


Java and its evergreen significance


Java has been one of the top programming languages for several years. However, with the fast-paced environment and advancements around, Java had to take a backseat for some time. But, with certain modifications and add-on features, Java is again there to benefit the software development domain.

No-code/low-code development for all


The way of coding that makes even non-technical people develop or work on coding easily is no-code/low code development.


  • According to Emergen Research, in 2020, the worldwide no code development market was USD 12.17 billion. Moreover, by 2028 it is expected to have a hike of 24.2%


Not only non-technical users but even software developers prefer simple coding. It opens many opportunities with its unique approach to software development.


Digital transformation and its influence on software development and vice versa


Digital transformation has given wings to many businesses and industries globally. For example, efficient remote working in many large-scale and small-scale industries was possible because of the team softwares that could keep the remote work on track. Digital transformation can bring harmony to both internal and external business systems. The more the development, the more will be significance of digital transformation.


Moreover, as the digital transformation continues to stay there, the need for robust software will increase. Thus it will have a significant impact on software development.


Know about big data


As the world shifts to digital, the use of cloud and data will go up. Data-driven, real-time and precise decisions thus have a lot of significance. Big data and analytics have the ability to overcome these challenges. Moreover, data science, data processing, and other elements of big data will have a massive impact on software development.


Cybersecurity: a major concern and trend


Cybersecurity is of the challenging issues in the upcoming development scenarios. Nowadays, every business shifts digitally. This requires a lot of online data and process sharing. Therefore, it increases the risk of cyber threats. However, working on developments of cybersecurity modules and having the best and safe practices of cybersecurity is vital.


React and Angular frameworks for web development


Facebook and Google are two big names, not just in the internet era but in software development too. React, backed by Facebook, and Angular, backed by Google, are two powerful web frameworks. Moreover, React ensures flexible and SEO-oriented development and Angular looks for quality-performance applications. They seem to dominate software development in the coming generation too.


Role of Orion eSolutions in Software development


Orion eSolutions offers many technological solutions for businesses of diverse domains across the world. From mobile application development to full-lifecycle development, From blockchain to cybersecurity and digital transformation, Orion eSolutions can help your organization with robust solutions.


Let us sum up!


Software development is in a boom right from the beginning of technological advancements. Today, having efficient software and support for the organization is vital. In addition, this can let your business access an ocean of opportunities. There are many more trends and tools that influence current software development practices. If you want to hire the best software developers for your business, connect with Orion eSolutions!

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